Tuesdays with Dorie (Baking Chez Moi): Hazelnut, Ginger and Olive Oil Cake

I baked this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe from Baking Chez Moi in a fog of jetlag as I returned from France and prepared to go back to work after the whole summer off so I am allowing myself some liberties here. I’m REALLY trying to use up all the “bits and pieces” in my baking pantry (a handful of walnuts here, a scrape of honey there etc…) so I was determined to not have to go out and shop for this one (also it was a bazillion degrees with the humidity so…..)

Dorie Greenspan Hazelnut, Ginger and Olive Oil Cake from baking Chez Moi on eatlivetravelwrite.comDorie’s recipe calls for hazelnut flour (ground hazelnuts) but I didn’t have any and I didn’t even have any hazelnuts to grind so I used the exact amount of walnuts I had on hand which coincidentally made 1/2 the amount of the recipe. Wasn’t sure about the ginger in the recipe but turns out I didn’t have any anyhow (I did have powdered ginger but wasn’t sure how to adapt that amount etc…) so I left it out. Seems from other people’s posts that it’s a game changer so next time (when I follow the recipe properly), I’ll make sure to use it.

Side view of Dorie Greenspan Hazelnut, Ginger and Olive Oil Cake from baking Chez Moi on eatlivetravelwrite.comI halved the recipe and it made enough batter for two smaller loaf tins which was perfect for around 6 generous slices. The cake felt kind of plain on its own so I made a quick icing sugar glaze and topped it with a few crushed walnuts.

Glazed and sliced Dorie Greenspan Hazelnut, Ginger and Olive Oil Cake from baking Chez Moi on eatlivetravelwrite.comA really interesting cake, this one – not super sweet and lovely and moist thanks to the olive oil. Not entirely sure the ginger would go here but I’ll try again when i have some hazelnut meal on hand and see what I think. In any case, I’d love to try this again with other nut “flours” as it’s a great texture!

Get the recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Hazelnut, Ginger and Olive Oil Cake on page 44 of Baking Chez Moi.

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6 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie (Baking Chez Moi): Hazelnut, Ginger and Olive Oil Cake”

  1. You have my sympathies with jet lag. I traveled to Europe this summer and re-entry is always tough. Kudos to you for trying to bake. This cake is worth a do-over with the right ingredients, I think you will love it. Good luck with the new school year and your new book:)

  2. I used almonds in my cake for the same reason – they needed to be used up and they were already on hand. A walnut version sounds good and the fresh ginger is indeed the game changer for this recipe. I love the way your cake looks with its glaze!

  3. Walnut flour sounds like a delicious idea too. I’m curious hoe it tasted? Your cake looks moist and yummy so if you liked it, you can lay claim to that version. Yummy ideas need preservation!


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