In the French kitchen with kids is shortlisted as a Finalist for Best in the World in French cookbooks at the 2019 Gourmand Gourmand International Awards!

In the French kitchen with kids is shortlisted in the Regional/ Cultural cookbook category in the 2019 Taste Canada Awards

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On CBC’s “Here and Now” discussing Food Revolution Day

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The best way to follow along here is on Instagram with the #intheFrenchkitchenwithkids hashtag (and don’t forget to check out Instagram stories!). As well as on Insta, there are some other places you might have seen the book (with more to come!):

Check out the Facebook Live chat I did over on the Appetite by Random House Facebook page (20 minutes long – grab a coffee and enjoy!)

TV appearances

I chatted about cooking French food with kids on Global’s The Morning Show on August 1st 2018.

I chatted about cooking with kids and made ratatouille with kids on CTV’s Your Morning on August 2nd 2018.

I showcased four recipes from the book (and cooked with a real-life petit chef!) on Breakfast Television Toronto on October 10th 2018!

I chatted about a few recipes from the book and ways to get kids involved in the kitchen on Global’s The Morning Show on February 7th 2019.


I chatted about cooking with kids, French food and the process of writing a cookbook on Y’a Pas Deux Matins Pareils on August 3rd 2018 (in French).

I was on CBC’s On the Coast talking about food, France and cooking with kids (starts around 2h34)

Allison Fryer included the book in her picks for the best cookbooks from Canadian Authors on CBC’s Fresh Air.

I chatted about cooking with kids on Let’s Eat with Zane Caplansky (December 22nd 2018, link no longer live 🙁 ).

I spoke with Allison Dore and Arthur Simeon on The Breakdown (Sirius XM Radio) about writing books and cooking with kids (big and small!)

I gave tips for how to get started cooking with your kids on Let’s Eat with Zane Caplansky (February 9th 2019, link no longer live 🙁 )

I was interviewed On the Menu talking about cooking with kids.


Press/ reviews

The Globe & Mail named it “one of the coolest reads of the summer for 2018″!

Canadian Living named it one of the Best Canadian Cookbooks of 2018!

The National Post named it as one of the Top 14 Cookbooks of 2018!

Eat Your Books named it as one of the Best Cookbooks of 2018!

Epicurious featured the book in a gift guide for Francophiles!

Audrey over at Pardon your French included the book on her list of “7 Cookbooks for the French food lover

Eating Well included the book on a list of “Best cookbooks for kids who love to cook“!

Lucy Waverman included the book on her list of Best Cookbooks of 2018!

Susan Hutchinson over at Fleurishing included the book in her Gift Guide for Francophiles!

Hip in Paris recommended it as one of this year’s best books!

The Star Tribune called the book “revolutionary“!

Eat North chose it as one of the Best Cookbooks of 2018!

I’m featured over on GustoTV chatting cooking with kids!

Village Living recommended the book as a great resource for school holidays!

Zoomer included it in a list of Books for Globetrotting Gourmets

I was featured over on French Village Diaries chatting all things France and Jacqui also reviewed the book here.

La Cuisine Paris added In the French kitchen with kids to their cookbook shelf!

I’m featured over on Little Sous, chatting cooking with kids and French food!

Julie van Rosendaal made croissants and chatted about the book on CBC’s Eyeopener!

The National Post came out to spend an afternoon in cooking club and interviewed me and the boys and also featured the recipe for creamy yoghurt pots, ratatouille tian and chouquettes.

CBC Life featured an interview, the recipe for mini berry galettes and the recipe for individual baked eggs.

The Mercury News featured the book in a back-to-school article and shares the recipes for Individual baked Eggs and Creamy Yoghurt Pots.

Honest Cooking featured the recipe for croissants.

Leite’s Culinaria featured the recipe for Poulet Rôti (Mr Neil’s Roast Chicken) and the recipe for mini jam tarts.

WFAE and Preheated Podcast recommended it as a great read for Summer 2018.

Savvy Mom reviewed the book here.

Cooking by the Book wrote a delightful review, here.

Lindsey from Lost in Cheeseland featured the book on her list of books about France for Summer and early Fall 2018 and suggested it in her 2018 gift guide!

David Lebovitz featured the book and the recipe for crème brûlée!

The Good Life France featured excerpts from the book in the Spring and Summer and Autumn issues of their magazine.

The Good Life France featured the recipe for crème caramel

Kris at Shipshape Eatworthy has made over 30 recipes (seriously, follow her on Insta!) from the book (many with her 4 year-old daughter) so far and wrote a very thorough review!

Ren Behan wrote a very detailed review of the book (with comments from her three kids!) and made a few different recipes including the steak-frites!

Kelly and Ruthie from The Gouda Life made Mr Neil’s Roast Chicken (roast chicken = essential life skill!)

Carolyn Jung from Food Gal waxed lyrical about  the orderly nature of the ratatouille tian!

Jen from Kitchen Counter Chronicles and her daughter made (perfect) croissants!

Jan from Family Bites made the mini berry galettes with her little boy (who ate three of them within an hour of them being ready!)

Aimée from Simple Bites has been working her way through the book and shares the recipe for steak-frites (also an essential life skill!)

Allison of Yummy Beet reviewed the book and shared the recipe for the mini berry galettes.

Isabelle from Crumb: A Food Blog made mini jam tartlets.

Renée from Sweet Sugarbean reviewed the book and made the no-knead loaf

Emily from Paris Paysanne interviewed me about cooking with kids and shared the recipe for financiers.

Janice from Kitchen Heals Soul baked up a storm and reviewed the book here.

Marie from Food Nouveau did a whole step-by-step tutorial of the croissant recipe 🙂

Janice MacLeod featured the book in this post

Catherine from But you are in France, Madame reviewed the book here.

Audrey from Pardon your French made raspberry financiers and reviewed the book.

Lindsey from The Mullies made Mr Neil’s roast chicken and had a whole lot of fun!

Krista from Upkeep: Wine, Body and Soul included the book with some of her favourite “summer things”.

Cook it Delicious made the financiers with her son

Baked, the Blog reviewed the book and featured the recipe for financiers.

Candy at Dulce’s Home made the no-knead loaf!

Amanda from Lambs Ears and Honey reviewed the book here.

EatNorth featured the recipe for ratatouille tian and the recipe for the financiers.


Other articles/ features

On EatIn EatOut: What I have learned from cooking with kids

Featured on Lost in Cheeseland’s Franco File Fridays

Featured on Food Nouveau’s Cooking with Friends


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