About me

Hi – I’m Mardi –  a full-time French teacher to elementary school-aged boys and the author of eat. live. travel. write – a blog focusing on (my) culinary adventures near and far.

I was born in Adelaide, Australia and have lived and worked as a teacher in Australia, Hong Kong, England, France (where I spent nearly 6 years in Paris not completing my PhD in French literature like I was supposed to be doing!) and I now call Toronto home, having followed Mr Neil, aka Master Butcher and Winemaster (most of the articles on wine and food pairings and/ or coverage of wine and beverage events have been either written by Neil or with a great deal of his help as *I* learn all about wine!) back to his humble abode after we met in Morocco in 1999.  We are proud parents to Cleo, a loud Burmese cat.

As part of my job, I run cooking classes twice a week for 7-12 year-old boys, Les Petits Chefs.   I’ve also contributed to JamieOliver.Com and wrote cookbook reviews for RecipeGeek.Com.  In my spare time (!) I teach French pastry classes around Toronto. Currently, I’m working on my first cookbook (In the French Kitchen with Kids, Appetite by Random House, Sept 2018).

I originally started this blog as something to do in the year between my MA and PhD because after being chained to my desk for 2 years as I completed my MA,  I had so much time on my hands – after all, I love to eat, cook, take pictures and write so what better platform.  eat. live. travel. write.  has kind of taken on a life of its own since its inception in May 2009 and I couldn’t be happier.  Spending a few (all right, a lot of) minutes a day to do something for me and be creative has been the best refuge from the sometimes stressful like of a teacher and (former) grad student.

Follow me in my culinary adventures, both near and far.

You can get in touch with me using the “Contact” form here.