French Fridays: Apricot (kernel) ice cream from My Paris Kitchen

Apricot Ice cream from My Paris Kitchen on eatlivetravelwrite.comI kind of left it too late to make this week’s recipe for Cook the Book Fridays from David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t looking forward to the finicky process of removing 50 (or 25 if I halved the recipe) apricot stones from the fruit then smashing them to reveal the kernel, grinding the kernels with some sugar and using it to infuse a custard base for ice cream – sounded like “why would you do that?” to me. In any case, I dragged my heels too long and when I went looking for apricots this week in between my school commitments (read: I didn’t have much time to search), I couldn’t find them at all. Even looked to see if some grocery delivery services might have them but hit a wall there too.

I know eventually I’ll end up with a surplus of kernels (but really, will I?) someday so I might attempt it then but in the meantime, I couldn’t miss a week of posting from the book…. Hey, I thought, at least I’m back in Canada with my ice cream maker, I thought. But all week, I’ve forgotten to bring it home from school where it lives LOL! No worries, I’ve made ice cream without an ice cream maker before (actually a recipe from this book) and it turned out wonderfully, so I figured I just needed a little patience yesterday as I whipped up the recipe to place in the fridge overnight to chill. To get the apricot flavour, I cut up some dried apricots and placed them in the milk/ cream base that you heat and let infuse – but I wasn’t sure that this would give enough flavour so I ended up chopping up apricots and adding small pieces to the finished mixture.

I was up early this morning so placed the mixture in the freezer and set timers at 45 minute intervals but by the time I needed to leave for an appointment, it was still a tad too runny to scoop and serve (and photo) so I popped it back in the freezer. Hours later, it’s pretty hard but just needs a little bit of time at room temperature to come to a better texture. It’s pretty rich so even my 1/2 batch will go a long way. I DO find it satisfying making ice cream without a machine, I have to say! One day I might even get my act together and make the proper recipe from this book!

David Lebovitz apricot ice cream on eatlivetravelwrite.comGet the recipe for David Lebovitz’s Apricot Kernel Ice Cream on page 312 of My Paris Kitchen.


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5 thoughts on “French Fridays: Apricot (kernel) ice cream from My Paris Kitchen”

  1. I have the kernels, I just have no room in my freezer for the bowl of my ice cream maker at the moment – too much saving the season lately. Your improvisation sounds delicious!

  2. That was a good idea to use the cut up pieces with the milk and cream, at least you had some flavors. Also, the ice cream looks so good with the chunks of fruit in it and I’ll be it was delicious.

  3. Kernels or no, this was delicious. (Though I AM intrigued by kernels use – definitely want to try that in future.)

    This was gobbled up at the end of a meal on the back patio in no time…no one seemed to worry the recipe wasn’t “exactly per book”. 🙂

  4. Why on earth would anyone intentionally do things the way they are supposed to be done 🙂 #stillnotfollowingdirections

    Looks delicious!


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