French Fridays: Coffee crème brûlée from My Paris Kitchen

David Lebovitz coffee creme brulee image on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis week’s Cook the Book Fridays recipe from David Lebovitz’ My Paris Kitchen is a twist on a French classic – a coffee flavoured crème brûlée.

I was interested in making thes,e particularly because some of the desserts I worked hardest on developing for my own book (and stressed the most about!) were custard-type desserts. Essentially, it’s a coffee flavoured custard that’s cooked gently in shallow ramekins placed in a water bath (so they don’t cook too quickly), cooled then chilled then topped with sugar that you caramelize with a blow torch (or under a broiler). Sounds simply and really, it is.

David’s recipe calls for the crèmes to be cooked for 20-25 minutes at 300˚F, which sounded like it was on the shorter side of the correct cooking time (I wasn’t sure what the coffee flavouring might affect the custard so I reserved my judgement and I felt that at least these were cooking at the right temperature, unlike Dorie’s version that I had so much trouble with a few years ago, cooking at a full 100˚F less than David’s). David says

When you jiggle the pan, they should just barely quiver.
There was a lot more than a quiver going on even after 45 minutes…
In fact, I ended up cooking these for close to 50 minutes and they *still* were not quite as set as I think they should be. Not sure the issue. I used shallow, classic crème brûlée dishes (much shallower than ramekins that most people use – I know this from my own recipe testers! – so I imagine in deeper, thicker dishes it takes even longer to cook) which have worked time and time again with recipe testing. In the end, these were *just* set enough after a night in the fridge though after brûléeing, they were looser than I’d want. I LOVED the flavour of these so I might just have to experiment with the egg to liquid ratio and make my own version soon! It tasted like a caramelised iced coffee.

David Lebovitz coffee creme brulee from My Paris Kitchen image on eatlivetravelwrite.comGet the recipe for David Lebovitz’s Coffee Crème Brûlée here (where noone had an issue with the timing/ custard setting!) or on p 253 of My Paris Kitchen.


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14 thoughts on “French Fridays: Coffee crème brûlée from My Paris Kitchen”

    • Interesting, I mean, my instinct was to change the custard too bu adding and extra yolk and maybe to cook it over the stove slightly before I baked but with projects like this, I tend to follow the recipe to a “T” 😉

  1. I forgot to put in the coffee liquor now that you mention it. I am sure that was why I wold have wanted a different instant coffee. But then, it was Folger’s so…

    As always yours looks amazing!

  2. Yours do look perfect and the color is lovely. I’m not sure why mine looked so dark after seeing everyone else photo.

  3. Beautiful (as always), Mardi! I still don’t know why mine worked out and I definitely remember having trouble with Dorie’s version, which is why I marveled at my success with this recipe. Still have no idea. And I agree that the flavor was awesome!

  4. The only way I convinced Howard to eat these was to compare them to coffee ice cream, though these were silkier. Yours look great, even if they didn’t come out exactly the way you wanted. Mine were thicker, so I thought that was why I had to cook mine so long, but it seems like most of us had issues.


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