Alexander Lobrano's My Place at the Table cover image.

Summer Reads: My Place at the Table

This is part of my Summer Reads series where I’ll be reviewing a series of “not just cookbooks”. Picture this: It’s 1996 or thereabouts. I’m living in Paris. It’s a Wednesday morning and I’m headed to one of my many English teaching jobs. On my way into the métro, I stop by the newspaper kiosk … Read more

Tray of lemon madeleines with a bowl of lemon glaze.

Lemon Madeleines

Madeleines remains one of my favourite French “snack cakes” (for want of a better term). Small and light, they are the perfect accompaniment to your morning or afternoon espresso and the perfect “goûter” (after school snack) for small hands. Mostly I enjoy them plain – a light, buttery sponge cake doesn’t need much more than … Read more