French Fridays: The Parisian ABCs

Hello and Happy French Friday! Today I have a beauty of a book to share that will appeal to both adults and children. And, not that I’m at all thinking about the holidays (though, ahem, hello some folks who put up their holiday decorationa alreadybut it WOULD make an excellent gift for the Francophiles in … Read more

French Food for Everyone: le petit déjeuner (breakfast) cookbook cover by Mardi Michels

French Food for Everyone: le petit-déjeuner (breakfast)

It’s here! In this third installment of French Food for Everyone, “le petit déjeuner”, I’m sharing a handful of my favourite French breakfast foods (ok, mostly pastries!). These are by no means representative of the breadth of French cuisine or typical of an everyday French breakfast; rather these are dishes I have come to love … Read more

Fromage frais à la fraise (Creamy Strawberry Yoghurt Pots) in small ramekins on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.

French Fridays: Fromage frais à la fraise (Creamy Strawberry Yoghurt Pots)

Happy French Friday! Today’s recipe is not only a tongue twister (try saying “fromage frais à la fraise” three times fast!) but also a dessert I’m SO pleased with – it is reminiscent of a product that came out when I was in my teens in Australia – called frûche: frûche is a soft, spoon … Read more