#52NewFoods: Avocados

For this week’s #52NewFoods Les Petits Chefs worked with  avocados. To be honest, I thought this would be an easy sell – I mean, I guessed many of them loved guacamole so it wouldn’t be too hard to convince them to work with it.

At the beginning of the session, we asked the boys who liked avocado and only about 1/3 of them raised their hands. When I asked who liked guacamole, only a few more raised theirs. I was surprised but then I remembered that when I was their age I don’t think I liked avocado either. When asked to tell me what avocado felt like, we got: soft, slimy, smooth, creamy, squishable, mashable. Right then.

We asked the boys if they could think of recipes using avocados and they came up with guacamole, salads and sushi. Ok, so that’s a great start. But then they got to looking at the stations I had set up for them and spied the station with the cocoa, sugar, milk etc… and wondered aloud if I might be mistaken. Avocados in a dessert? I must be kidding, right? But the presence of sugar and cocoa powder was enough to sway 5 of the littlest guys that this might be “the” recipe to work on so they bravely manned the dessert station awaiting further instructions.

They worked with me to remove the flesh from the avocados…

Kids prepping avocado for chocolate pudding on eatlivetravelwrite.comcarefully measure cocoa powder…

Kids measuring cocoa for chocolate pudding on eatlivetravelwrite.comand milk….

Kids measuring milk for chocolate avocado pudding on eatlivetravelwrite.com[no photos of the blending part of the recipe – I was recovering from a bad reaction to antibiotics and had three stations of boys working at the same time on different dishes so any photos I have this week is a bonus!]

Our ingredients ended up looking “just like chocolate pudding” and the boys portioned it out into Dixie cups (I didn’t want to make too much in case they didn’t like it!).

Kids making chocolate avocado pudding on eatlivetravelwrite.comMeanwhile over on Team Guac, the boys worked with some not-quite-ripe-enough avocados to mash them up…

https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/eclairs-profiteroles-gougeres-chouquettes-secrets-of-choux-pastry-tickets-14775799815?utm_campaign=order_confirm&utm_medium=email&ref=eemailordconf&utm_source=eb_email&utm_term=eventname Using a fork to mash avocado on eatlivetravelwrite.com Kids chopping avocado for guacamole on eatlivetravelwrite.comAnd we chopped some onions finely (and juiced limes and minced garlic)…

Kids chopping onions for guacamole on eatlivetravelwrite.comAnd finally resorted to the food processor. One of the boys asked me why we were “bothering” chopping all the ingredients finely when we were going to use the food processor. I only ended up using the machine right at the end when I realised that they were not going to get finished – and I explained this to them. Also told them that with very very ripe avocados, they don’t need a machine – a fork will do just fine! I think it’s important for the boys to see how to make things without the aid of fancy kitchen equipment. they might have access to them now but what about when they are on their own in college?

In any case, our guacamole turned out great!

#52newFoods guacamole on eatlivetravelwrite.comA third group (I know, what was I thinking?) worked to make brown rice sushi rolls with avocado. They were by far the quietest group as they had a lot to concentrate on! We’ve made sushi before in club (though not this with group of boys) so Miss Carter and I have a rudimentary idea of how to do it. The boys did a wonderful job with the “wouldn’t stay put” brown rice!

Chopping avocado on eatlivetravelwrite.comKids rolling avocado sushi rolls on eatlivetravelwrite.comAs other stations of boys finished up and cleaned up, they wandered over so a few of them got in on the rolling action too…

Kids making avocado sushi rolls on eatlivetravelwrite.comResult?

#52NewFoods guacamole avocado sushi rolls and chocolate pudding on eatlivetravelwrite.comAppetiser (guac), main (sushi) and dessert (pudding) – all in just over an hour!

The boys took home a little sampling of each:

Kids make #52NewFoods guacamole avocado sushi rolls and chocolate pudding on eatlivetravelwrite.comPretty pleased with the boys (and Miss Carter) for pulling this off in the time we did. And I’m even more proud of the boys for working with something many of them claimed not to like. Although in the words of one “I’m going to try guacamole this week because last week I said I didn’t like kale chips and then I tried the ones we made and I loved them so maybe I will like this guacamole too.”.

Enough said. That’s a #win in my book!

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10 thoughts on “#52NewFoods: Avocados”

  1. Avocado chocolate pudding sauce. Well now. That certainly classified as #newfoods!

    Mardi brought this to a dinner party Saturday, challenging people to name the mystery ingredient in the chocolate sauce on the sponge cake. Totally out of context, it proved a difficult one to identify!

    I’m not sure I was completely convinced, but as procurer of said avocados, I can say they were not as ripe as they should have been…so a bit chunky in the sauce. Am sure more ripe would have worked better.

  2. So, did they like the avocado chocolate pudding? I’ve made an avocado chocolate ganache to frost a cake before. I found it tasted “fresher” or more “refreshing” than a regular chocolate ganache. I was quite impressed actually because I had my doubts about avocado chocolate ganache 😉

    • They LOVED it Janice! Two of them even made it again (one of them, twice) over the weekend! I, too had my doubts but it’s good! Thinking avocado in smoothies is the way to go 🙂

  3. Truthfully, you really can’t taste the avocado? I loooove avocados, but I’m fanatical about my chocolate (no, MY chocolate) so I’m waiting for your final opinion. And Neil’s…

    • No really, when it’s ripe it’s more like an aftertaste that you can’t quite place but it’s so sweet that you don’t notice it! I’ll make it again. And the adults at my dinner loved it!


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