Les Petits Chefs (Pâtissiers?) make Apple Turnovers (chaussons aux pommes)

Well, after the return of in-person cooking (baking) club last week, we continued on our merry way this week and made Apple Turnovers (Chaussons aux Pommes) from French food for everyone: le petit déjeuner (breakfast). Lots of useful skills are involved in this recipe, starting with: peeling and chopping apples: They did a great job … Read more

Les Petits Chefs (Pâtissiers?) make shortcrust pastry and jam tarts

On March 5th 2020, I posted the last in-person Petits Chefs recap (we made fresh rolls and potstickers with Chef Vanessa Yeung). A week or so later, school went online and clubs halted indefinitely. A month later, in April, I brought cooking club online and that’s where it’s stayed (we have a “community club” now … Read more

Close up of mini apple crumble galette

French Fridays: Les Petits Chefs make Mini Galettes “Crumble aux Pommes”

Ok, that looks good, huh? Sure but how about this? Yes! Cooking club is back… virtually! After last term when I ran two very successful online cooking clubs for my students each week from April – June then 7 weeks of cooking camp in the summer, adding some online public cooking classes too, school is … Read more

Virtual cooking classes for kids

Les Petits Chefs go online!

It was about 3 weeks into distance teaching when I found myself finally in some sort of routine. For the first little while there, not only was I completely jetlagged but also was sort of thinking the teaching from home scenario would last a month at most. I figured as long as I was online … Read more