French Fridays: Kids make crème brûlée

Easy creme brulee recipe on eatlivetravelwrite.comWelcome to French Fridays where I’m so happy to be sharing a video of a classic French dessert (my fave… well, one of them…) – crème brûlée! This version was made by a group of my Grade 4 students as past of a research project where they choose classic French dishes and research the history of the dish and how to make it. Their culminating activity is to make a “how to” video and because I’m the one shooting the footage, I always make my own version to prove that French food really IS do-able, even for kids! Of course, using a blow torch requires adult supervision but as you’ll see in the video, the rest of the recipe is extremely kid-friendly!

I’ll let the little hands speak for themselves (although I’m a little loathe to share this method because it’s SO EASY! All my entertaining secrets, revealed!)

You may remember that last year’s Grade 4s made profiteroles, crêpes and crème caramel. This year’s group chose no-knead baguette, crème brûlée, chocolate mousse and crêpes. And yes, the chocolate mousse video is coming soon!

Where can you get the actual recipe, I hear you ask? In the French kitchen with kids releases July 31, 2018! Click here for pre-order details (and a bonus if you pre-order)!

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