Les Petits Chefs cook with USA Rice

Those of you who read this blog regularly will know that I am fortunate to have been able to obtain sponsors whose generosity allowed me to attend IFBC in Seattle this past August.  I’ve been wanting to get to work on some USA Rice recipes for a while now and last week, I decided why not try some of them out with Les Petits Chefs…

I chose a dessert and a pizza, knowing that if I were to attempt experimental recipes with the boys, they had better have “boy appeal”. They were excited to be part of my recipe testing (and reassured that they were not the first people to make these – at first they were concerned that they were guinea pigs!).

For both recipes, I used arborio rice, though you could certainly substitute brown rice in both for added health benefits.  I used spelt flour in the crisp topping since that is all we had in the cupboard and again, you could use whatever flour you like, effectively making the dessert a gluten free treat!

The boys had fun peeling and cutting the pears (and apples – I had some needing to be used up) and cutting up the cranberries.

I added some golden raisins that we had left over from the granola for an extra fruit burst..

SUCH an easy dessert to make (and I think it would be great for breakfast too!)….

The boys enjoyed putting the “riz-za pizzas” together too – again, I was surprised how simple this recipe was with such tasty results.  We used jarred pesto but had we not had a time limitation, I would have made the boys make their own from scratch (yes, they asked about using the Bullet!)

The boys were pretty excited at the pizzas going into the oven and remarked that they looked “like you would get at a restaurant”.  I fear we may have been a bit heavy handed with the pesto though as a couple of them fell apart when I tried to remove them from the oven tray. Had I let them cool a bit longer, it might have helped (again, we had a deadline!).

Because we were working in two separate groups this week, I was not as on top of the cleaning as I normally am (also because I knew that there would be cooking time that we could use to clean up) so we found ourselves in a bit of a mess…

The horror! I know!  But I felt I needed to keep it real here!

In any case, the boys took home two crisps each and a delicious (if misshapen) pizza…

I have to say I preferred the pizza over the crisp. The rice is a nice way to bulk up a crisp but not sure I would make it again.  The pizzas, on the other hand, would be a great appetizer (if you made mini versions) for the holidays and it’s gluten free (as one of the boys’ mums was ecstatic to find out as she is gluten intolerant).  Very very easy and a great way to use up leftover rice 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Les Petits Chefs cook with USA Rice”

  1. As usual, I love and admire your creativity! Rice pizzas – Love it! And I especially like that you shared the mess. I don’t think I have ever shown the mess after my cooking classes with kids – that would be a fun thing to do…We could encourage people to cook with their kids and then submit a photo of the end results (the food and then the mess!). But wait – maybe that would discourage people from trying it 🙂 xoxox

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  3. WOO HOO!! Have just caught up on 2 1/2 months of posts after six weeks in the UK and another four recovering from pneumonia and whooping cough.

    They sure made intriguing reading working from USA Rice back to Zazu Restaurant – hmmm wonder why Mardi’s arm is in a sling, with answers to this and other wonderments revealed as I worked my way back.

    Exceptional as ever Mardi……keep the fun and entertainment rolling. Off to go cookbook shopping now…….need another couple to go with my 500 odd I’ve already got at home!!

  4. Wonderful to stumble upon your blog!
    I am planning on teaching French in the future; it is a pleasure to find someone else with a similar interest.

    Your food looks fantastic!!!

  5. I wonder if using a pizza stone would help with the falling-apartness of the pizzas? I am totally in love with my pizza stone though, so perhaps I’m biased.

    Fabulous recipes and fabulous little hands as usual 🙂


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