A stack of homemade petite écolier cookies on a pink plate next to a glass of milk on a wooden table with some pencils scattered on the table.

French Fridays: French Butter Cookies with Chocolate (Homemade Petit Ecolier Cookies)

Hello September and hello back-to-school season. Yikes! How can it already be “la rentrée” as they call it in France? For various reasons, August has gone by in a flash and we’re back to classes next week (I want to say “already” but it’s really been a lovely long summer so can’t complain…). As well … Read more

Chocolate Barquette cookies on a plate with a glass of milk.

Barquettes au chocolat – round 2!

Hello dear reader! Remember when I made those Barquettes au Chocolat and I named the post “Round 1”? And they looked and tasted great but weren’t quite the right shape? (you have to look closely but once you do, you’ll see my “barquettes” are oval and not “boat-shaped”) Well, I managed to get my hands … Read more

Three chocolate barquette cookies on a pink plate with a pencil case and some pencil crayons behind it.

Barquettes au chocolat – round 1!

You know when you have a craving and you can’t stop thinking about it? Well that was me a few days before I left for March Break in France. I couldn’t stop thinking about “Barquette” cookies. Maybe you know the ones? I LOVE these cookies (they come with jammy centres as well) and will always … Read more