Green monsters – what the …?

(this is based on an assignment I wrote for my Food Writing class at George Brown College in Toronto) It’s green. You mum told you it’s good for you. Popeye swore by it. And all of a sudden it’s everywhere. All over food blog land, spinach is popping up as a popular ingredient somewhere you … Read more

Luck of the draw

Every two weeks, a little surprise arrives on our doorstep. Our organic box. After quite a bit of research, we decided to go with Front Door Organics. I liked them better than a couple of other companies because it gave you the option of a “custom box” where you can swap items in and out … Read more

Cheap eats in NYC (well, Coney Island)

A grey Monday presented us with a couple of options – shopping or perhaps venturing further afar. Since this was supposed to be the “budget” version of a week in New York (Hmm, now I seem to have forgotten to mention those shoes I bought on Sunday, right – but reduced from $175 to $49 … Read more

Ding Dong! Hello??? Anyone home????

Breakfast on Sunday had to be something to soak up the aforementioned evening of imbibing! Amanda suggested Good Enough to Eat, a sort of cow-themed café that already had a queue outside it when we arrived at 10am! We had French toast, omelettes, toast, fruit, salad, coffee and delicious juice, though I held off on … Read more