Old and new favourites

I am a little loathe to start writing any long blog posts right now as the switch to WordPress is imminent and I am paranoid of losing half-written posts but fear not, as soon as we’re up and running on WordPress, there are many more tales of Brittany to come!!

In the meantime, I thought I would leave you with a few images of a dish I created on a whim to enter in Food 52’s “best mashed potato recipe” contest this week. Remember the tartiflette I made a few weeks ago? All that creamy, cheesy goodness??? Well I had the idea to create a tartiflette brûlée where the potato would be mashed with the cream, onion and bacon and baked in a small ramekin dish covered in cheese that would melt and crisp up, not unlike a proper crème brûlée… Result?

Looks good, huh? You can find the recipe here and I would definitely check it out if you are a fan of potato gratin dishes. The crunchy cheese top gives way to fluffy, creamy potatoes studded with bacon (or in my case, home-cured pancetta). So. Good. And I prepared it in less than 30 minutes this evening! Couldn’t ask for more!

In other recipe news, I submitted my red roast pork with pomegranate glaze recipe to the Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook Competition. Check out the entry here.

You can vote for the recipe by clicking on the badge below and rating it with the stars you see on the post.

27 thoughts on “Old and new favourites”

  1. this looks delicious with the potato browned on top, and of course that pancetta! why the switch to word press? (unless you said why in your previous post that i'm now getting to :))

  2. O.k., 1) Can't wait to see the WordPress site and 2) Hello, this looks amazing! I don't know how you go to school yourself, teach school, post practically every day, and whip up original recipes. Maybe you'll share your secret with the rest of us someday 🙂

  3. OMG, Mardi! Your tartiflette brûlée looks AMAZING! Next time we have tartiflette we'll try your version 😀

  4. Simply Life – they are droolworthy indeed!

    Cocina – thanks and WP offers a bit more functionality than Blogger.

    Bunny Cooks – Everything is better with pancetta!

    Emily – you're welcome!

    Trix – thanks 🙂

    Conor – I thought of you as I wrote this post!

    motherimmy – I know!!

    Lyndsey – thanks so much!

    Kitchen Butterfly – me too!

    Kablooey – might be a bit much, no? 😉

    April – LOL!

    Fuji Mama – thanks – I am glad it worked out!

    Citron et Vanille – thank you so much – means a lot coming from you!

    Megan – it's all gonna come crashing down around me one day, no doubt! Thanks for your support and comments!

    Penny – wipe that drool off the keys!

    Table talk – 😀

    Jen – thanks! High Praise coming from you!

    Juls – definitely!

    5 Star – it's so easy too!

    Mr P – Blogger was not offering everything I thought I needed until today when they announce that they will support "pages". Of course they do. Just when I am in the last stages of making the stressful switch!

    Taste Traveller – you might want to check out the new blogger features before you put yourself under all that stress!

    French Cooking – I am so glad you liked my version!!

    Brad – cheers!

  5. Those dishes are perfection Mardi! Particularly the potatoes, they look just divine! Good luck with the blog transition! 😀

  6. Stacy – thanks, I was pretty pleased with it!

    Lorraine – Thank you – coming from you that is high praise indeed!


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