World Nutella Day 2010

Yes folks, it’s World Nutella Day 2010! Who knew?

My contribution? A marbled baked Nutella cheesecake with a molten Nutella sauce.

I took my inspiration from this cheesecake I posted around American Thanksgiving, figuring I could substitute Nutella for the pumpkin (ahem, a whole CUP of it!) and make the crust with chocolate cookies and hazelnuts instead of gingersnaps and pecans.

The crust was awesome:

And the cheesecake about to go into the oven looked good, though a little runny… (ok, full disclosure here, I used light cream cheese because it is SUCH a decadent dessert… perhaps that had something to do with the texture of the filling?)

But augh – it cracked again 🙁 What’s with that anyway?

Never mind, we can always cover those cracks with a molten Nutella sauce, made with 1/2 cup Nutella and 1/3 cup 18% pouring cream (no, I didn’t say it was a low calorie dish, did I?). And voila:

Disclaimer – I have not actually tasted this – recovering from a bout of stomach flu (and yes, I plated this for no-one last night just so I could take a photo, like a big loser!!) but will be doing so this evening, hopefully. In any case, our dinner guests will surely enjoy this one.

As for me, well me and Nutella go back a long way (yes Dad, I know that’s incorrect grammar – you know we just do that to annoy you!!). I remember the first time I tasted it, in 1978 when we were living in Sydney. “Imported” – soooo exotic. We have had a love/hate relationship ever since then. As in, I love the stuff but hate that I can’t have it in the house without eating a whole jar. I must get it from my mum who was known to polish off jars of the stuff without anyone noticing as she would scoop from the inside, leaving the outer layer on the glass so ostensibly, the jar was full. Except that it wasn’t 😉

Happy World Nutella Day everyone!

31 thoughts on “World Nutella Day 2010”

  1. Oh wow! I am not a cheesecake eater but chocolate + Nutella + more Nutella and I am so there with a spoon and a fork. Fantastic Nutella recipe. Fantastic recipe period!

  2. Have you seen those ridiculously massive jars of Nutella you can buy? They're like 3kg or something. I've only ever seen them in Italy, thank God, as they would be surely lethal to keep in the house.

    Also, according to Wikipedia, the listed oil in Nutella is "vegetable" in every part of the world except US/Mexico/Canada where it is "modified palm". There you go.

    I hope your tummy is back in action soon!

  3. Yes, I just found out about Nutella Day on Wed. I couldn't wait to check out everyones recipes! The cheesescake is just beautiful, what a wonderful way to use it!

  4. I need a slice or two of this heavenly chocolaty, goodness to help me recover from this hellish week.

  5. That crust is inspired, and of course one should always cover up defects like cracks with a delicious sauce! I like the way you think! Hope your stomach feels better!

  6. I had no idea about Nutella Day! I bought Nutella for the first time EVER this week. what a coincidence =).

    That cheesecake looks really good. I love cheesecake!

  7. Because we have so many palms growing here in Canada, Conor. Geeesh – how bizarre.

    Can I say how much I'm looking forward to dessert tonight? Not sure it goes with my stuffed swordfish, but oh well.

  8. This is pure, heavenly sinful delight! mmmmmm

    Nutella used to be my fave kind of sweet tooth thingy for a long long time 🙂

  9. Get well soon! And a great attempt to do this even though ure ill.
    I am just licking nutella with a spoon now. Bummer that I missed this. Next time!

  10. GORGEOUS…. nthing that molten Nutella can't fix! I love it!! U better feel better soon to enjoy this divine dessert!
    Have you tried baking it in a water bath? I've heard that takes care of the cracks…

  11. Jamie – I am honoured you like it even if you are not a fan of the cheesecake!

    Simply Life – thanks!

    Yvonne – you are going to LOVE it!

    Kat – you are welcome!

    Conor – tummy is back in action and survived the dreaded palm oil laced dessert. Because you know that's not gonna put me off my Nutella lady!!!

    Cocina – very appropriate!

    5 Star – everything is better with molten sauce…

    Lyndsey – thanks so much!

    Paula – thank you!

    Rachel – you would need at least a slice per every bad day I think 😉

    Trix – glad you agree!

    Meeta – oh it was!

    Sage Mom – Well you're all set up now, right? Just need a spoon…

    Neil – I think it went really well!

    Jhonny – It still is mine!

    Janet – Yeah I was really pleased with the crust.

    Martha – The boys would love it – maybe we should have a cheesecake challenge…

    Jessie – it worked out well.

    Andrea – sorry!

    Penny – I would say that licking Nutella off a spoon would count as celebrating World Nutella Day…

    Deeba – thanks! Will try the waterbath the next time round…

    Natashya – Sure thing!

  12. Sook – thanks 🙂

    Jen – I just need to get the swirl perfected without the top cracking and then we'll be in business!

  13. Oh the agony of not being able to taste it! That sauce sounds like one made in heaven, a heaven where nobody puts on weight. It exists, n'est-ce pas?

  14. cracks in the cheesecake are a result of overbeating…another thing that helps is baking the cheesecake in a water bath, it helps the cheesecake cook evenly and results in a creamy texture with no cracks


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