The Red Prince comes to Toronto!

The Red Prince has arrived in Toronto! Nope, not royalty perse, but a new variety of apple, which I got the opportunity to try last week!

According to the Red Prince website, the Red Prince apple was discovered in 1994 in an orchard located on the German/Holland border in a small town called Weert. The discovery happened by the owners when one of their apple trees had produced the most beautiful red apples among a sea of green apples. At the time, they believed it was a gift from Mother Nature and later discovered that it had been developed through the natural crossing of two varieties: the Jonathan and the Golden Delicious.

In 2001, Irma and Marius Botden, co-owners of Global Fruit, planted their first Red Prince trees in Ontario. Nine years later, as exclusive growers in Canada, they are proud to introduce the Red Prince apple to Ontarians.

The Red Prince is a premium apple, locally grown in Thornbury, Ontario, available during the winter months. Recognized for its antioxidant-rich red skin, the Red Prince has inherited the sweetness and juiciness of the Golden Delicious and the crispness and tanginess of the Jonathan. The Red Prince is ideal for fresh eating, in salads or in baking and pairs particularly well with sharp cheddars and blue cheeses.

I have to admit I am fussy about my apples – they can’t be too tart or sweet and I don’t like the skin to be too thick so I was interested to try these based on the above description. They are perfect – kind of like a cross between a Honey Crisp and a Granny Smith and I wish I was well enough to be eating cheese so I could pair this with some roquefort… My friend Alicia tried one and suggested it was “a very princely apple – well deserving of the ostentatious little pillow. So delicious, sweet, juicy and perfectly crispy. I loved it!”

(so did Cleo!)

The apple was officially launched in Toronto on Friday with a “Civility Event” featuring giveaways, free hand massages and etiquette tips provided by the Etiquette Ladies, and the launch of the Red Prince Civility Challenge, basically a 30 day challenge promoting simple courtesies (e.g. today’s challenge is “Say please and thank you“).

In my Media Pack, I also received some samples of Red Prince Royal Energy Bars.

These energy bars with all-natural ingredients are packed with fibre, protein and essential fatty acids. Great for breakfast or a snack anytime of the day, this was actually the first thing apart from soup and toast that I ate last week when I was recovering from my stomach flu and my body really appreciated the all-natural goodness. With only 8 ingredients and a super easy (and modifiable) recipe, you can bet I will be making these soon!

If you are in Toronto, keep an eye out for the apples in your local Sobey’s.

7 thoughts on “The Red Prince comes to Toronto!”

  1. i’ve not seen these . . . i wonder if they’ve come to michigan yet. we eat a lot of fujis this time of year, since our favorite honeycrisps are, sadly, long gone.

  2. Sounds very yummy. I like crisp and tart most of the time, but sometimes juicy and sweet/tart. Never liked Delicious apples much but those babies look tasty. (Also, I’m hungry.)


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