Old and new favourites

I am a little loathe to start writing any long blog posts right now as the switch to WordPress is imminent and I am paranoid of losing half-written posts but fear not, as soon as we’re up and running on WordPress, there are many more tales of Brittany to come!! In the meantime, I thought … Read more

How to de-seed a POMegranate – not scary at all!

So yesterday’s post, my entry in the 2009 POM Fresh Recipe contest, required me to seed a pomegranate. O-kay….. I went to the POM website and found their instructions. The POM people (and they should know!) say: Pomegranates may seem intimidating, but they are easy to open. This efficient procedure for opening a pomegranate has … Read more

Red roast pork with POM glaze

Red roast pork with POMegranate glaze

This recipe is based on a family favourite – both in my immediate family and now in the ELTW household. When my sister and I are at home or when mum and dad are visiting us, we always ask mum to cook this dish – it’s become a classic. Luckily I pretty much know the … Read more