Homemade chocolate speckles/ freckles on a white background.

Homemade chocolate speckles/ freckles/ nonpareils

Have you heard of chocolate freckles? Maybe you know then as chocolate speckles? Or maybe nonpareils? Or maybe you are new to this brilliant concept – if so, welcome! What are chocolate freckles/ speckles? Basically, it’s a two-ingredient wonder: Chocolate (I prefer milk for these) – but make it GOOD QUALITY (when there are so … Read more

Dorie Greenspan Soft Salted-Butter Caramels on eatlivetravelwrite.com

Tuesdays wtih Dorie (Baking Chez Moi): Soft Salted-Butter Caramels

The Tuesdays with Dorie recipe from Baking Chez Moi for this week was the first time I’ve ever made caramel candies. Of course I’ve made caramel before for baking and cooking but never as actual sweets/ candies. After a long week last week, I needed some quiet time in my kitchen and this was the … Read more


What is PongkyParty?  Well it comes out of the PongkyPlate that I picked up in Chinatown in Toronto when Ethan and I met Melissa who was in town for a conference, for dinner.  Ethan and I did a little prop shopping in Chinatown before dinner and decided to bring Melissa the most ridiculous prop we … Read more