Cook the Book Fridays: Gingered-turkey meatball soup from Everyday Dorie

Gingered-turkey meatball soup from Everyday Dorie on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis week’s recipe for Cook the Book Fridays comes from Dorie Greenspan’s latest cookbook, Everyday Dorie and it’s a fabulous one for the chilly days of December. A tasty broth filled with rice noodles and vegetables and turkey meatballs packed with flavour is just the thing for dinner on a snowy day – this was SO good!

Dorie says:

I have loved this recipe from the first day I made it. It’s delicious, it’s beautiful and it lends itself to many variations. In other words, it’s just my kind of recipe – I love when a recipe invites you to tinker with it.

The meatballs in this soup have enough flavor to stand up to just about anything — it’s all the ginger, garlic, herbs and onion in them. These are exactly the flavors and scents you want with the soup, a broth that starts out simple and gets more interesting with each addition. First you use it as a poaching liquid for the meatballs, then you drop in lots of vegetables — the choice is yours, but I like to include some strong greens, like mustard, kale and cabbage — and more herbs. Finally there are the noodles, for texture and flavor, of course, but also for fun: Who doesn’t love slurping, which seems to be the only way to eat rice noodles? Even with all that goes into the soup, I like to add more — soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar and hot sauce are my druthers. While you can pour as much of these as you’d like into the pot just before serving, I leave the soup as is and put the add-ins on the table, so that each slurper can decide on the best combo and quantity.

To be fair, this is not a “quick and easy” recipe and suited my weekend timetable much more than a weeknight one – there are a few steps and it does require a lot of ingredients (nothing fancy or hard to get but still, a fair few ingredients to have on hand).

I cheated a little and baked the meatballs, eliminating the poaching step. Honestly – I was in the middle of recipe development for the 12 Days of Cookies series (check it out!) and had the oven on fairly constantly and the idea of poaching the meatballs, then having to strain the broth just felt like an extra couple of steps. Plus, by baking the meatballs, I got some nice colour on them and I like the flavour better too.

Cook the Book Fridays Gingered-turkey meatball soup from Everyday Dorie on eatlivetravelwrite.comFor the vegetables in the broth, I used carrots, red cabbage (NOTE: this will turn the broth purple…), kale and mushrooms and cilanto as my herb of choice. I only had thin rice noodles so that’s what I used. It’s a forgiving soup that works with ‘what you have on hand’ so really any veggies would work here. I DID find the recipe made WAY too much broth for the amount of meatballs – I got 24 meatballs which was about 5 serves but there was SO much broth leftover. I found the purple broth a bit weird so I drained it off and ate the veggies and noodles with the meatballs the second and third day. So next time I’d just use less broth, easy!

I WILL be making those meatballs again because they were SO good (even on their own, no soup involved!).

Get the recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Gingered-turkey meatball soup on page 75 of Everyday Dorie or here.

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8 thoughts on “Cook the Book Fridays: Gingered-turkey meatball soup from Everyday Dorie”

  1. I must say that the purple broth threw me a bit off but nothing could stop me from eating that beautiful bowl of soup. Well done and good for you, Cleo.

  2. I had a hard time with this one, but maybe it was my vegetable choices that left me feeling cold.

    I love the way you dressed this up!


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