French Fridays: Buttermilk Ice Cream from My Paris Kitchen

David Lebovitz buttermilk ice cream on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis week’s Cook the Book Fridays recipe from David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen was one I wasn’t sure how I’d get done. I don’t have an ice cream maker in France but waiting until we got back on Wednesday night wasn’t an option either since my ice cream maker in Toronto is packed away at school. I’m just home for a couple of days before I leave again and I honestly didn’t think this would happen.

Then I saw the Tuesdays with Dorie recipe next week is profiteroles with homemade ice cream and hot chocolate sauce and I knew this was meant to me. Apart from meeting with my editor to finalise my manuscript before it goes to copyedit, I had “choux puff tower” on my list to do in these couple of days. You know, as you do. Because I can’t quit recipe testing. I know, I need to stop!

So, that ice cream… Without a machine. I read David’s instructions for making ice cream without a machine and fellow Cook the Book Fridays participant Nana/ Ro’s post about making this recipe sans machine and figured it would be fine. And I’d have time to monitor the freezing stage in between other things in the kitchen.

So, choux puffs were made. A few set aside for the Tuesdays with Dorie recipe. The rest iced and assembled into a tower (currently timing how long they stay stuck on – hopefully they just stay!). Meanwhile, in between those steps, I made the ice cream. Without a machine. I followed David’s directions to make the “custard” (actually just cream, sugar, corn syrup) then chilled it overnight. This morning, I mixed in the buttermilk and froze the mixture. Every 30 minutes or so, in between other stuff, I whipped this using my electric beaters until it, well, looked like ice cream. Et voilà. Ice cream for breakfast seemed like a very good idea at 11.15am!

David Lebovitz buttermilk ice cream without an ice cream maker on eatlivetravelwrite.comDavid’s recipe calls for a drizzle of olive oil and fleur de sel on top. I didn’t do this because it’s not a flavour I much like on my ice cream. It’s not a sweet custard base either so it needs something like fresh fruit. Or hot chocolate sauce. Stay tuned…

Get the recipe for David Lebovitz’s Buttermilk Ice Cream on p 299 of My Paris Kitchen.


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9 thoughts on “French Fridays: Buttermilk Ice Cream from My Paris Kitchen”

  1. This worked out perfectly for you with the planned selection for Tuesday’s with Dorie. I saw the final result of your profiteroles and it was gorgeous, great job.

  2. Mardi, I think this ice cream is perfect for breakfast!! Buttermilk!! I was so happy to read you were spurred on to make this because of Dorie’s puffs and chocolate sauce. I really need to make some (the sauce, since it’s still too hot to bake here, though making an exception today to make a strawberry rhubarb buckle).

    Happy to hear that both you and Nana had good success with your alternative method. Well done! Hope you enjoy your recipe testing!

  3. I never knew you could make ice cream without a special gadget. Always something new to learn. This one wasn’t my favorite, but I’m glad everyone else seemed to. Also, that it served double duty for you. Lucky break!


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