French Fridays: Duck terrine with figs from My Paris Kitchen

Duck terrine with figs from David Lebovitz My Paris Kitchen on eatlivetravelwrite.comThe recipe for Cook the Book Fridays from David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen was a terrine, in theory, made with duck, chicken livers and pork. I made this in the crazy last week of school, knowing we had a dinner for 12 to prepare this past Monday and imagined it would be perfect as the starter to a French-themed meal.

I’ve actually made terrine before (anyone here remember when I worked my way through Michael Ruhlman’s Charcuterie book in 2011 for “Charcutepalooza”?) and know it’s not as hard as it sounds (especially if you have a food processor to grind the meat). I stupidly didn’t minify this (David’s portion sizes in this book are VERY generous and I didn’t even think to halve it because I was cooking for 12) because it makes A LOT!

The recipe is pretty easy – it calls for duck (or chicken thighs, which is what I used), chicken liver (ew!), ground pork, a bunch of spices and herbs, cornichons and dried figs. The mixture is packed in a terrine dish (I used a Pyrex loaf dish as well as two mini loaf pans) and baked in a waterbath at a low temperature for around 1.5 hours. I actually forgot to add the brandy-soaked figs until I was just about ready to put this in the oven so I had to take it out of the pans and mix them in. THEN (not sure what was going on, really) I forgot to bake them in a waterbath. They seemed ok, not sure what the difference would have been and certainly they tasted wonderful so, phew for that!

We served this with good sourdough bread, Maille cornichons and pickles onions, buttery lettuce with Clotilde’s Bistro Vinaigrette from Tasting Paris and cherry tomatoes for some colour to a crowd of Rotarians from all around the world (who were in town for the International Rotary convention) who had signed up to have dinner hosted by us (at a friend’s house with spectacular views of the city). The rest of the meal came, bien sûr, from In the French kitchen with kids but this was a really great starter and everyone loved it. Will I make it again? For company, yes. Only minifed!

Get the recipe for David Lebovitz’s Duck terrine with figs on p 113 of My Paris Kitchen.


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4 thoughts on “French Fridays: Duck terrine with figs from My Paris Kitchen”

  1. This was a meat loaf!

    I clearly needed 12 people to share this one, because I was the only person who ate any (aside from one bite taken by someone else).

    The tomato and lettuce are much needed “beauty enhancers” for this dish 🙂

  2. That looks so inviting with the tomatoes, pickles and bread. This turned out better than expected and, and the challenge was worth it.

  3. Sounds very yummy! I forgot, so didn’t get this made (and it’s summer, so I pick and choose when I’m willing to turn the oven on) – I might just make this for Thanksgiving though – I’ll often throw together a cheese plate with lots of accompaniments for one of our meals. I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but a good country pate is a good thing. Happy that you made it and had a crowd to share it with!!!


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