Tuesdays with Dorie (Dorie’s Cookies): Bee’s Sneeze Nuggets

Dorie Greenspan Bees Sneeze Nuggets on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe from Dorie’s Cookies is a savoury bite, named for a cocktail at Booker and Dax, a cocktail bar in New York.  Dorie says:

When my friend Rebekah ordered the Bee’s Sneeze, I looked at the ingredient list, took a sip and immediately wanted to turn it into a cookie. While the gin wasn’t obvious cookie material, everything else in the drink was: lemon, ginger, honey and black pepper. The cocktail was ferociously tart—like the best icy lemonade on a scorcher of a day—and, under the citrus, pleasantly spicy. These sturdy, flaky nuggets capture all of that. They’re good with a gin and tonic. They’re surprisingly good with slices of Parmesan. And they’re particularly good dipped in a little honey. Just put a bowl of honey next to the Sneezes and let everyone dip and sip.

Featuring unusual flavours, these “nuggets” are the perfect accompaniment to your apéritif hour – and, bonus, they will keep the guests guessing as to what’s in them – they really are pretty unexpected.

Dorie Greenspan Bees Sneeze Nuggets from Dories Cookies on eatlivetravelwrite.comDorie calls these “sturdy” and I admit that when I was making them, I was a little concerned that they might be a little *too* sturdy. My dough was very tough and dry (there’s no butter in these, just olive oil) and I added a little more water to make it more pliable. I kept wondering what there would be like made with butter… (you know, as you do…).

In the end, the nubby dough came together and I managed to cut tiny cubes of it which baked for 25 minutes (until golden) which I thought was a long time considering how small they are. They turned out to be crispy and crunchy and quite delightful – and not one of our guests guessed ginger or gin as the main ingredients. The slight sweetness from the honey balanced the heat from the ginger nicely and they went well with a glass of bubbly!

Get the recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Bee’s Sneeze Nuggets here or on page 438 of Dorie’s Cookies.

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7 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie (Dorie’s Cookies): Bee’s Sneeze Nuggets”

  1. These are so interesting…and they look delicious…I pulled the ingredients tonight so I might get the chance to make them yet. I love how you have them all piled up, such a fun and inviting look.

  2. I thought I made mine small and I still did not get 50. I was also surprised by the dough, they did almost seem “wrong” but all worked out in the end. Good luck with the book.

  3. I have to say that I didn’t love them right away–I thought they were too sharp for the first couple of days. Then on day 3 they mellowed a little and became more spicy than tart. The pepper really comes through.

    I got 48 cubes (6×8 inch rectangle of dough)–I might make them thinner next time and see if they’ll bake up a little crispier.


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