Les Petits Chefs make Jamie Oliver’s breakfast popovers

We’re back! The Petits Chefs will be working their way through some of the recipes from Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food this term.  I’ve written about Jamie’s Everyday Super Food before and the boys have even cooked from the book too.  Everyday Super Food is Jamie’s manifest for a healthier happier life.  The recipes have been developed in collaboration with Jamie’s nutrition team, meaning that they include all the food groups and use ingredients that are nutrient-dense.  The dishes reflect a “balanced plate” philosophy as well as portion control, helping you to ensure you’re getting the correct amount of food. The book includes recipes for around 30 lunches, 30 dinners (less than 600 calories each) and 30 breakfasts (less than 400 calories).

For this term, I’m choosing recipes from the book that I hope the boys and their parents will find useful – kind of like “blueprints” they can customize according to what they like/ have on hand. This week’s recipe – breakfast “popovers” – is a perfect example.    Kind of like little savoury pancakes, these popovers are packed with ingredients that some of the boys customized as they cooked. Some of them were not mushroom fans so they added more tomatoes. Others don’t eat ham so they added more mushrooms. Easy to cook to order!

We started out chopping our ingredients…

Kids chopping mushrooms for breakfast popovers on eatlivetravelwrite.comWe tried really hard to chop everything very small…

Kids chopping tomatoes for breakfast popovers on eatlivetravelwrite.com Boys cooking club chopping tomatoes and mushrooms on eatlivetravelwrite.com Kids chopping mushrooms for Jamie Oliver breakfast popovers on eatlivetravelwrite.comOnce the boys had their main “fillings” (though these ingredients actually become the pancake so it’s not a filling at all), they mixed up their batter with some cottage cheese, flour and an egg..

Kids measuring flour and cottage cheese for breakfast popovers on eatlivetravelwrite.comAnd they they got cooking…

Kids frying Jamie Oliver's breakfast popovers on eatlivetravelwrite.com

This mix takes a while to come together in the pan and for a while there we anxiously wondered whether we would have to call it a “breakfast hash” instead. But with some patience and gently flattening with a spatula, the mix came together magically to form gorgeous, golden-brown “popovers” or pancakes as many of the boys took to calling them.

Jamie Oliver's breakfast popovers on eatlivetravelwrite.comIn Everyday Super Food, Jamie makes Parmesan crisps which he stacks the popovers on top of. We made parmesan crisps that we served alongside 😉

Jamie Oliver Everyday Super Food breakfast popovers on eatlivetravelwrite.comWe served these on a bed of arugula with a dollop of some Greek yoghurt. I’d say that looks like a perfect breakfast, wouldn’t you?

Kids cook Jamie Oliver breakfast popovers from Everyday Super Food on eatlivetravelwrite.comI love how easy these were to prepare – easy enough for kids to make on their own and a fun weekend morning activity for the family. I’m thinking a “popover bar” where everyone gets to customize their own would be a fun idea. In any case, I know what I’ll be making with all my leftover bits and pieces of ham and vegetables this coming weekend!

Get the recipe for Jamie’s Cheese, Ham, Mushroom and Tomato Popovers here.

Jamie Oliver Everyday Super Food cover

Purchase Everyday Super Food for yourselves on Amazon (this link should take you to the closest Amazon store to you). Or for free worldwide shipping, buy from The Book Depository.


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2 Responses to Les Petits Chefs make Jamie Oliver’s breakfast popovers

  1. Geoff January 21, 2016 at 13:55 #

    Welcome back LPCs.
    At this rate though, poor Mr Neil will never get any leftovers.

  2. Paula January 21, 2016 at 14:42 #

    Yes, I’d say it looks like a perfect breakfast and I love the final presentation. Also like the idea of doing a pop-over bar. Great not just for the family but also when you have overnight guests.

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