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La soupe joumou

Around about now, I should have been taking my Grade 6s on a trip to the supermarket to shop for ingredients to make the Haitian food they would have researched. Today we’d go shopping, tomorrow, we’d have cooked 3 or 4 dishes and sat down to enjoy a meal together. I’ve done this activity in … Read more

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Les Petits Chefs make Jamie Oliver’s Squash Gnocchi from #jamiesveg

Just perfect, aren’t they, these little gnocchi? Well, yes they are – pillowy puffs of perfection – Jamie Oliver’s Squash Gnocchi from his latest book, Veg – releasing October 22nd in the US/ Canada and called “Ultimate Veg” on this side of the pond (why?). I’ve basically bookmarked every recipe in this book – I … Read more

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Les Petits Chefs cook from Best of Bridge’s Sunday Suppers!

This fall has been a bumper crop for new cookbooks (the stacks in my living room, office and bedroom are constant reminders of this!) and one I was particularly looking forward to seeing was Best of Bridge‘s latest, Sunday Suppers. There’s been a big push recently in online publications, the Food Revolution movement, cookbooks and … Read more

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French Fridays: Wheat berry salad from My Paris Kitchen

This week’s Cook the Book Fridays recipe from David Lebovitz’ My Paris Kitchen was one I’d really been looking forward to. David’s wheat berry salad with roasted rood vegetables, charred radicchio and pomegranate seeds with a zingy citrys dressing is the type of salad that I absolutely love – it’s colourful and full of goodness … Read more