Tuesdays with Dorie: Lucky Charm Brownies from Dorie’s Cookies

Side view of Dorie Greenspan Lucky Charm Brownies.This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe from Dorie’s Cookies is NOT a brownie with Lucky Charms cereal baked in. Nope, Dorie simply thinks of these as her “lucky charm” because they work so well (have for decades) and “charm” everyone. Dorie says:

The basic recipe is a mix of almonds, sugar, eggs, butter, chocolate and amaretti cookies, crackly puffs imported-from-Italy that manage to bundle the maximum amount of almond flavor into their dainty, featherlight shells. The ingredients are whirred and baked. That’s it. And whether I bake the brownies as a cake or a torte, I serve it plain or glazed or buried under cream, jubilation ensues. That’s the reason I think of these as my Lucky Charm.

Phew. No cereal involved!

Dorie Greenspan Lucky Charm Brownies on a black serving plate.If you look at these and wonder “What amaretti cookies are pink?” then I don’t blame you! In fact, I used leftover macaron shells which are, for all intents and purposes, amaretti cookies (almond meal, sugar, egg whites) – maybe a tad less “almond-y” but I knew the consistency would work for these brownies (you blitz the cookies anyway and they are baked into the batter of the brownie). I didn’t have anywhere I could easily procure amaretti cookies closeby (remember, we’re still supposed to be staying home, only going out to buy essentials so I didn’t think a quest for amaretti cookies counted!)

Chocolate ganache topping on Dorie Greenspan Lucky Charm Brownies.These are SUPER rich and fudgy, rather than cakey brownies. Topped with ganache and more cookies, they are quite the decadent treat! I baked a half batch in an 8-inch loaf tin and it made ten LARGE brownies. I quickly packed them up and organised for porch pickups from gluten free neighbours (but I did have the two ‘end cuts’ myself to taste test them. SO GOOD!

Close up of Dorie Greenspan Lucky Charm Brownies.I really enjoyed these and the subtle almond flavour from the macarons was enough for me. Funnily enough I am not a huge fan of things tasting VERY almond-y so these worked. If I had amaretti cookies on hand, and they were leftover, I’d remember this recipe again but not sure I would purchase them specifically.

In the meantime, these are rather a fun take for St Valentine’s, don’t you think?

Get the recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Lucky Charm Brownies on p 39 of Dorie’s Cookies!

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4 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie: Lucky Charm Brownies from Dorie’s Cookies”

  1. I TOTALLY thought these would have Lucky Charms in them haha. I love your red crushed macarons on top!! So festive and perfect for February! I am thinking I would have liked yours better with a more muted almond flavor. The cookies were too strong for me but everyone else loved them.

  2. i absolutely love what you did here!! (i recently used up the last of my misfit macaron shells as crunchy bits on the chocolate pudding for ED.) the pink is perfect for valentine’s day and the texture looks amazing— can’t wait to make them!


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