Cook the Book Fridays: Lower East Side Brunch Tart from Everyday Dorie

Mini Dorie Greenspan Lower East Side Brunch TartToday’s post is dedicated to someone I call a friend, though we’ve never met. Rosmarie DiDomenico (aka “Nana”) sadly passed away last month at the age of 89. I’ve “known” Nana for over 10 years via the online cooking groups dedicated to working through Dorie Greenspan’s books – firstly, when she cooked through Around my French Table with her daughter Tricia, then as she worked through Everyday Dorie on her own.

Ro was a delight to “know” – she was an enthusiastic participant in the online groups and always took the time to leave a comment on everyone’s posts, weekly. Many “Doristas” had the pleasure of meeting her in person (sadly, not me). Over the past few months, Nana had nominated this recipe a number of times but it never made the “to make” list. In her honour today, it is the chosen recipe.

Now for today’s recipe, I did something here that I know Nana would expect. And another thing she wouldn’t expect. Firstly, I minified the recipe (Nana’s been around since the start of me making small versions of things!) but secondly, I made the recipe as it was written, even though it involves smoked salmon (one of the very few things I will not eat). Neil was a happy camper (I made a chicken version for myself).

Dorie Greenspan Lower East Side Brunch TartAbout this recipe, I’ll let Dorie speak:

After a few weeks of binge quiche-making and a brunch at Russ & Daughters, the Lower East Side Manhattan restaurant that specializes in smoked fish and Jewish tradition, I came up with this recipe. Think bagels and lox, the Sunday-morning meal of millions of New Yorkers, Jewish or not. But to say “bagels and lox” is to shortchange the dish. What you want with your bagel and smoked salmon (lox is one kind) is “the works”: cream cheese, red onions, capers, dill and tomato. And that’s what you get in this tart.

So yeah, kind of like a bagel in a quiche. And apparently it went down a treat.

Nana, I’m raising a cold glass of rosé in your honour tonight. It was a pleasure to “know” you xo

Get the recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Lower East Side Brunch Tart on page 47 of Everyday Dorie or here.

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9 thoughts on “Cook the Book Fridays: Lower East Side Brunch Tart from Everyday Dorie”

  1. So nicely done, Mardi. Where did these ten years go? Funny, I ate this Tart for dinner and then lunch accompanied by an arugula salad and a rosé (French, of course).

  2. Aw, just love this Mardi. I remember our near miss several years back when Mom and I almost caught up with you in Paris. Amazing how many bonds we developed without ever meeting in person. I think only the Doristas fully understand that. Mom considered you a wonderful friend and was so proud of you for your own cookbook ! And yes, she would have absolutely expected you to MINIFY the recipe 🙂 Hugs.

  3. I remember “Nana” as well. One of the first times I saw her name pop up in comments, I was puzzled and asked Mardi about her grandmother….

    I had not read Dorie’s description, but Mardi asked me how I liked it, thinking the combination a bit odd. I replied: “Not at all – like a cream cheese bagel with lox.” Ha. Gold star from Dorie, perhaps? This was a nice twist, and light as well.

    I had for lunch, so no wine pairing – but a wee glass of rose would certainly do it justice, or maybe a Sancerre.

  4. I’m not sure I would have tolerated only a mini-version of this quiche! I plan to make this soon for my own personal tribute. I met Nana with the gang and was struck by her sense of humor most of all. It came through in her blog writing but it was even more wonderful in person. Great job!

  5. i didn’t get to meet Nana IRL either, but i could just tell what a nice lady she was. i had to make a separate non-salmon version for my husband….i went with bacon, but he’d be into a chicken tart too, i’m sure!

  6. So funny how we have all become “friends” through this baking experience! I am glad we were all able to do this in Nanas honor this month!

  7. We all love when you minify! It’s too bad that you never met Nana in person. She would have loved meeting you. This is one of my favorites so far from Everyday Dorie.


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