Les Petits Chefs Cook the Books: Twenty Minute Chicken Noodle Soup and Raspberry Swirl Brownies from Oven to Table

This term the Petits Chefs are cooking our way through a series of cookbooks and this week, we cooked from Oven to Table.

Oven to Table cover on eatlivetravelwrite.comI’ll be writing a full review of this new book from my friend Jan Scott’s latest book very soon but in the meantime I’ve been cooking from it a lot at home and found two perfect recipes to make with the Petits Chefs this week. What is Oven to Table?

From the publisher:

Sometimes it feels impossible to get a home-cooked meal on the table. Between preparing the ingredients, following elaborate directions, and cleaning up the mess of pots and pans, feeding your family or hosting friends can feel like more effort than it’s worth. Fortunately, there’s a satisfying solution to help make stress-free, mess-free, and tasty meals a reality: one-pot cooking. Using one of six cooking vessels–skillet, sheet pan, Dutch oven, baking pan, roasting pan, and casserole dish–with Jan Scott’s effortless recipes, you can bring a complete dish to the table using easy-to-find ingredients and a variety of foolproof techniques. Preparing food in one pot not only saves time, both in the prep and post-meal clean up, but these recipes are flexible and endlessly adaptable too.

This collection of practical recipes, including Overnight French Toast Casserole, Barbecue Chicken Chili with Cornbread Dumplings, and Cherry Tomato and White Bean Skillet Bruschetta, brings ease, comfort, and bold flavour to everyday cooking. Whether you’re braising Perfect Saucy Pulled Pork in a Dutch oven or whipping up Salted Chocolate Tahini Skillet Blondies, Oven to Table will reveal the wide-ranging versatility of just a few pieces of cookware. With dishes leaping from stove to centerpiece, Jan’s wholesome recipes will streamline your kitchen routine and nourish your family and friends.

Yeah, so basically, it’s the book you need on hand for busy weeknights or for batch cooking on the weekend. It’s the book that will get you a healthy meal on the table with less dishes and cleanup. And who doesn’t want that?

Certainly this week, I strategically chose this book and these two recipes BECAUSE of the “less cleanup” factor, knowing that earlier in the day I would be cooking for 2 hours – 5 dishes with 18 boys, wrapping up a unit on Haiti – and barely having time to cleanup in between sessions, the last thing I wanted was a ton more dishes. I had earmarked both the Twenty Minute Chicken Noodle Soup and the Raspberry Swirl Brownies because I figured they are both excellent recipes to show the boys how easy homemade versions of favourite dishes are to make.

That being said, 15 boys making two dishes in an hour still makes for a busy STEM lab and between supervising four different stations of boys, I barely got any photos (I always say the less photos I take, the more fun we had!). But really, both recipes are pretty easy and fast to make – I know this because around 40 minutes in, we were starting cleanup and waiting for the soup and the brownies to finish cooking and baking (this rarely happens so early in the session!).

Our chicken noodle soup team got some good knife skills practice…

 Kids peeling carrots for chicken noodle soup from Oven to Table Cookbook on eatlietravelwrite.comKids chopping carrots and celery for Chicken Noodle Soup from Oven to Table Cookbook on eatlietravelwrite.com Kids chopping carrots for chicken noodle soup from Oven to Table Cookbook on eatlietravelwrite.com And shredded some chicken we poached (the recipe calls for leftover chicken but that wasn’t something we had on hand this week!)

Shredding chicken for Chicken Noodle Soup from Oven to Table Cookbook on eatlietravelwrite.comThe addition of the noodles made the soup look “just like real chicken noodle soup” 😉

Adding noodles to Chicken Noodle Soup from Oven to Table Cookbook on eatlietravelwrite.comAnd the finished dish did, indeed look like the real deal…

20 minute Chicken Noodle Soup from Oven to Table Cookbook on eatlietravelwrite.comSo comforting in this polar vortex-like weather we’ve been having this week!

Chicken Noodle Soup from Oven to Table Cookbook on eatlietravelwrite.comMeanwhile over on Team Brownie, I blinked and I nearly missed all the action they were so fast…

Kids mixing brownie mix from Oven to Table Cookbook on eatlietravelwrite.comWe made cupcake-sized individual brownies so they would bake faster. Jan’s original recipe calls for a regular square brownie tin…

Kids making brownies from Oven to Table Cookbook on eatlietravelwrite.com Kids making raspbery swirl brownies from Oven to Table Cookbook on eatlietravelwrite.comWe were a little, ahem, enthusiastic in our jam swirling…

Swirling jam into brownies from Oven to Table Cookbook on eatlietravelwrite.com It was a good lesson in why you should follow the guidelines (I told them a teaspoon of jam per cupcake, they were using more like a tablespoon!) as those with more jam didn’t quite finish cooking in time (it’s ok, the staff appreciated those ones the next day!) and everyone was disappointed they didn’t get to bring home two. I can guarantee you that if we made those again, the guidelines would be more strictly followed… 😉

Meanwhile, look how gorgeous they look when they bake up:

Baked Raspberry Swirl Brownie Cupcakes from Oven to Table Cookbook on eatlietravelwrite.comI don’t know about you but I think chicken noodle soup and brownies in an hour is a pretty great thing. Dinner for 15 in an hour with not too much cleanup? Sounds good to me!

Stay tuned for a complete review of Oven to Table in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’m off to France for March Break – combining some vacation with some book events! Follow along on Instagram and be sure to check Facebook for event details!

The boys will be back in April cooking up a storm!

Oven to Table cover on eatlivetravelwrite.com



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  1. Neil is absolutely correct… not only is chicken soup comfort food, it is of course the panacea for so many ailments. It’ll cure almost anything not really serious. OK, I’m stretching credibility slightly but I had a mother who fed us a consommé chicken soup whenever we were ill and, as we all got better, ergo QED.


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