French Fridays: Duck Fat Cookies from My Paris Kitchen

David Lebovitz duck fat cookies from My Paris Kitchen on eatlivetravelwrite.comThe recipe for Cook the Book Fridays from David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen was an intriguing use of duck fat. We’ve used this ingredient before, notably in duck fat potatoes, but I’ve never baked a sweet item with duck fat before.

These are simple slice and bake cookies that come together pretty easily – note that David calls for currants or chopped cherries and I used cranberries, thinking they’d be ok (I was being lazy and didn’t want to chop cherries and I didn’t have currants on hand) but the cranberries were a little too large and made the “slice” part a little challenging – the cookie dough, despite being having been refrigerated for a few hours, was still fairly crumbly. I had to kind of squish the dough together to make the cookie shapes in a few instances.

Duck fat cookies from My Paris Kitchen on

So how did they taste? Like shortbread… These were interesting cookies for the novelty factor (“guess the secret ingredient”!) and certainly the texture was appealing (thanks to the duck fat, I’m sure) but a little soft for my liking (they really were “melt in your mouth” – I really prefer these types of cookies with just butter, a little bit more “short”). Since I don’t often have duck fat on hand (if I lived in France I probably would!) so they’re not something I’ll likely be making again soon. Give me potatoes with my duck fat anyday LOL!

Get the recipe for David Lebovitz’s Duck Fat Cookies here or on p 297 of My Paris Kitchen.


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7 thoughts on “French Fridays: Duck Fat Cookies from My Paris Kitchen”

  1. These look good! I wondered how they’d taste.

    I bought all the ingredients however I’ve been sick this week and couldn’t bring myself to think about duck fat.

  2. I was happy to have found a source (and WHERE in said store) for the duck fat. I’m planning on making the potatoes again soon!

    I’m with you, not 100% certain I’ll make these as written again, though truth be told, they are growing on me! But really, it reminded me of all of the cocktail cookies we made before. I could see adding a bit more savory and having some as cocktail nibbles. If I remember!! Too hot to do much baking now.

    Yours of course turned out beautiful. And it’s nice that the dough is pretty forgiving!!!

  3. I have to agree with Candy, I could see adding other ingredients for a different savory snack cookie. These were tasty though and easy to make.

  4. I really liked these, though I think I’d save them for a Christmas tray or cookie swap and stick with all butter shortbread the rest of the year. I’m intrigued by Candy’s idea for a more savoury version, too!

  5. great minds think alike – cranberries here as well.
    I enjoyed the texture (mine ended up very crisp) and could definitely see a swap out on the add ins to change things up (these would make great little cocktail cookies)

  6. Yeah, I agree about the duck fat usage: when it’s a little precious since we’re not in France, I’d definitely prefer it on potatoes. 🙂 Good to know re the cranberries as they sound like they’d be lovely. Actually, even with the currants I had trouble every now and then slicing.


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