Dirt by Bill Buford cover

Summer Reads: Dirt by Bill Buford

This is part of my Summer Reads series where I’ll be reviewing a series of “not just cookbooks”. Today’s Summer Reads book was a LONG read (976 pages on my e-reader and something like over 15 hours long as an audio book – with quite possibly the longest subtitle ever – Adventures in Lyon as … Read more

Dinner in French cookbook cover

French Fridays: Dinner in French

Hello and Happy French Friday!  Today I’m looking at Melissa Clark’s latest, Dinner in French; ostensibly a cookbook but also a lovely way to bring a little bit of France to your home this summer when most of us won’t get to travel there. From the publisher: Just as Julia Child brought French cooking to … Read more

Baked almond croissants on a baking tray

Croissant aux amandes – Almond Croissants

Leftover croissants – is that even a THING? Well it is when you take an online croissant class (more about that next week) and most of your neighbours are away and there are only 2 of you in the house and homemade croissants don’t last that long (because, all natural, no preservatives etc…). That’s a … Read more