French Fridays: The Parisian ABCs

Hello and Happy French Friday! Today I have a beauty of a book to share that will appeal to both adults and children. And, not that I’m at all thinking about the holidays (though, ahem, hello some folks who put up their holiday decorationa alreadybut it WOULD make an excellent gift for the Francophiles in your life. Just saying…

The Parisian ABCs

A tongue in cheek look at why we love the French, celebrating cliches from A to Z with witty one liners to delight children and adults alike. 

This beautifully illustrated book is sure to be a hit with Francophiles worldwide. In a matte hardback format (20 x 20cm) it’s printed on quality 170gsm paper.

(this info about the format and the type of paper it’s printed on might not mean anything to you but trust me when I say it’s a BEAUTIFUL looking and feeling book)

My lovely friend Emily in Paris (an actual REAL Emily in Paris) sent me a copy of this, her first children’s book and I devoured it as soon as I pulled it from the envelope. Since then I’ve flipped through it many, many times because it just makes me smile so much (we all need more smiles these days!).

And I mean, any book where “A is for Apéro”, how can you not love it? (I LOVE l’heure de l’apéro!)

Author Emily has been living in Paris for 7 years and shares her life on her Instagram page and popular weekly Substack. Illustrator Sarah has 6 years’ experience as a creative director and for the past 3 years, she has been focused on her work as an artist. Her artwork can be found on her site.

“G” is for “grève” (strikes)

From the clever, clever choices of words to represent each letter of the alphabet to the gorgeous illustrations, you’ll find something to appeal to everyone. It is truly a delight, there’s no other word for it!

Where can I buy the Parisian ABCs?

Emily and Sarah are self-publishing and distributing this so there are different options depending on where you live.

For readers based in the USA, you can purchase on the French Wink site.

For those living in France and the rest of the world, you can purchase on Emily’s site.

Otherwise, if you’re in Paris, it’s in store at Red Wheelbarrow (both locations), Landline, La Cuisine Paris, Galignani and will be in Merci and Le Bon Marche by Christmas!

For those in Australia, check out Ma Petite Librairie or Abbeys.

Do yourself a favour this holiday season and pick up a copy for you and a copy for a favourite Francophile!


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