French Fridays: The French Chateau Escape

Hello and Happy French Friday! Excited to be bringing you a delightful escapist read set in France this week by Gillian Harvey, who I wrote about earlier this year for one of my #summerreads picks, One French Summer.

Harvey is an author and freelance writer living in France whose books are reliable good reads, fun, and often funny stories that will have you dreaming of selling everything and moving to France because, despite everything, her protagonists end up making things work.

Her latest is The French Chateau Escape and I’m excited to join other book reviewers and bookstagrammers on the official blog tour!

From the publisher:

Click buy: a French chateau. Condition: ‘may require improvement’…

It seemed like a good idea. Selling everything we owned. Just Mark and me, swapping our tiny, little, terraced London home – and the heartbreak of not being able to start a family – for an entire chateau in the middle of France… It’s everyone’s dream. And now it’s coming true for us.

As I use the rusty key to open the big, creaking wooden door of the tumbledown fairytale chateau that’s officially our new home, I wonder: what could possibly go wrong?

Little do I know that the answer is going to be… ‘everything’. I don’t speak nearly as much French as I should yet, but I feel like there’s no mistaking the villagers’ hostility. Nor the look of shock on the builder’s face when he sees the roof.

Can our marriage survive this adventure? With all the tumbling masonry, will we?

As the French sun blazes overhead, one thing’s for sure: it’s going to be a year to remember…

Though the blurb sounds light-hearted, this is a bit more than a fun “Brits move to France and encounter challenging, sometimes hilarious situations” read. Emma’s dad suffers from serious mental health issues and the stress of aging parents (in another country) is a theme that runs throughout the book. Emma and Mark have their own challenges both health-wise and related to starting a family so, as well as all the issues that come with purchasing a rundown chateau in rural France, they are dealing with serious life issues too.

I’ve read all of Harvey’s novels set in France and I think this one might be my favourite because it doesn’t just show the “French dream” aspect of the story. Having bought and renovated a house in France, I appreciated so much of what she shares about the process. It’s definitely a “feel good” read (in the end) with a lot of very realistic scenarios depicted (so. much. paperwork. to deal with when moving to/ renovating in France). You’ll finish this in one or two sittings so grab a hot chocolate or a glass of wine and settle in for the ride. A great armchair read!

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