Kids make gnocchi from Per La Famiglia with Emily Richards

It’s always wonderful to have chefs who come back time and time again to work with the Petits Chefs and Emily Richards is one of those.  This week was Emily’s sixth time working with the boys!  She’s taught them how to make gnocchi from scratch,  strawberry and rhubarb pies, sticky date pudding, how to grind meat and make their own sausages and last time she came, she showed them how to bake hors d’oeuvres for the holidays.

This time was a little different as Emily’s just released Per la famiglia: Memories and recipes of Southern Italian Home Cooking.

PerLaFamiglia cover on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis book “fetes the celebrations and foods of an Italian-Canadian through the years” by recording Emily’s family recipes so they can be shared with generations to come. There are traditional versions of recipes as well as new takes on some dishes.  Whether you are from an Italian family or simply love Italian food, this book will speak to your heart and stomach and help you to easily prepare and enjoy the flavours of Southern Italy food in your own home.

I was keen to have a whole new generation of Petits Chefs learn how to make gnocchi (some of those who were in the group she taught before are now in high school!) and was thrilled to see the spinach and ricotta gnocchi in Per la Famiglia. I happen to know that making gnocchi is a calming and soothing way to end the day, so I was keen to impart a little bit of that on the boys this week (with just 2 weeks left of school until the winter break, we’re heading into crazy season!).

Bonus? One of my Monday afternoon Petits Chefs is helping me out on Wednesday afternoons with my younger guys’ cooking club so I wondered if maybe he might like to show them what he learned and he couldn’t wait, so it was a week of calming gnocchi-making in the kitchen lab. The photos you see here are a combination of both groups’ efforts!

The dough comes together like a dream…

Kids scooping flour on eatlivetravelwrite.comKids making gnocchi dough on Kids kneading gnocchi dough on eatlivetravelwrite.comAnd then the fun really begins…

Gnocchi rolling station on Kids rolling and cutting gnocchi on Kids cutting gnocchi with Emily Richards on Kids cutting and rolling gnocchi on eatlivetravelwrite.comSo many little hands. All of them busy! There’s a lot of jobs to focus on making gnocchi – measuring the ingredients, making the dough, kneading the dough, cutting, rolling, cutting again, rolling in flour then shaping the little pillowy puffs makes for a very productive room!

Kids rolling Emily Richards gnocchi dough on eatlivetravelwrite.comEmily brought along a gnocchi board for each boy (with a nice volume discount to boot!). It’s perfect for making the little sauce-holding ridges on the pasta…

Kid made gnocchi on

Pretty good, huh?

Gnocchi made by kids on eatlivetravelwrite.comEt voilà! All ready to cook…

Gnocchi and tomato sauce on eatlivetravelwrite.comSO SO delicious!!

We’re so grateful to Emily, who is in the middle of a very busy time promoting Per la Famiglia, for taking the time to come to work with the boys. So wonderful for them to learn a recipe from your culture with you to guide them!  Check out what Emily’s up to by visiting her website or check out her blog and follow her on Twitter ERiscooking.

Get the recipe for Emily Richards’ spinach and ricotta gnocchi here.

PerLaFamiglia cover on



Order your copy of Per la famiglia! for yourself on Amazon (this link should bring you to the Amazon store in or closest to your country) or for free worldwide shipping, buy from The Book Depository.





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4 thoughts on “Kids make gnocchi from Per La Famiglia with Emily Richards”

  1. Oi! TWO classes, and not a single serve prepared for Mr. Neil?

    Methinks that speaks to the deliciousness of these gnocchi, Emily! 😉

    Well IF I had some for dinner, I think it would warrant a nice Chianti.

  2. I think this is one of my favorite Petit Chefs episodes 🙂 I love the thought of all these young gentlemen honing their gnocchi making skills.

  3. I just loved reading this! I and my daughter were spoiled by a friend whose mom sent us FRESH gnocchi! Since then nothing compares. So we will both attempt this recipe. Because Hey! If boys can make this look so easy and good so can we 🙂


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