Mini-treats for your holiday sweets table (gluten free)

Gluten Free sweets for the holidays by Mardi Michels on eatlivetravelwrite.comThose of you who have been following my blog for a while now will know that I am the master of minifying recipes – especially when it comes to dessert.  You’ll know that since it’s only Neil and me at home, we can’t possibly eat all the food I make for the blog and you’ll know that even sharing amongst my neighbours and colleagues, we still can’t manage. So I end up minifying things – halving recipes or simply making everything smaller.

Gluten free vegan fruit truffles on eatlivetravelwrite.comApricot cherry truffles on eatlivetravelwrite.comBut did you know there’s another reason for that?  I’m the person who looks at the dessert menu before I order my main course. I’m the person who can never choose which dessert to order. And therefore, I’m a huge fan of the French concept of café gourmand – whereby with your end-of-meal coffee you receive three or four tiny desserts. Dessert minified in the best possible way. So you don’t have to choose – you get a few small bites of each.

Candy cane meringue drops on eatlivetravelwrite.comGluten free candy cane meringue drops on eatlivetravelwrite.comWhen I’m planning parties or get-togethers over the holidays (or anytime), I tend to cater for myself in this regard – I like to offer a few choices when it comes to dessert, but I keep the serving size small so my guests (and I!) can enjoy a few different sweets. This is the concept I am showcasing in my latest piece for JamieOliver.Com today and in keeping with catering to all my guests’ dietary restrictions, all three recipes are gluten free.  You’ll find recipes for chocolate-orange crackle cookies, (taste just like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and are based on my experiments with macarons craquelés or macarons à l’ancienne), candy cane meringue drops and apricot-cherry “truffles” (which are also vegan).

Chocolate orange crackle cookies on

So go on, what are you waiting for? Get the recipes for my gluten-free mini treats for your holiday table over on JamieOliver.Com!

What are your favourite sweet treats to eat (or make) over the holidays?


4 thoughts on “Mini-treats for your holiday sweets table (gluten free)”

  1. I just came upon your blog and enjoy reading it. Keeping serving sizes small is a splendid idea. I love the little treats I get with my coffee when I’m in Europe.

  2. Mardi, just seen your lovely post over at Jamie Oliver’s site. Bravo! They all look not just stunning but so tasty too. Goes to show that gluten-free can still be a treat at Christmas, too. Must try them on the kids – know they’d be a hit, especially these meringue drops. Ah, Terry’s chocolate orange. That brings back warming memories. Enjoy it with Mr. Neil. Ahem? Mr. Neil – have you run out and got one for Mardi yet?


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