French Fridays with Dorie: Celery Celery Soup

Dorie Greenspan Celery Celery soup on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe was thankfully a simple one – and a soup which is always a good thing as the temperatures dip. My crazy busy life (thanks for all your wishes on last weekend’s live baking demos at Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show – everything went really well!) continued this week (eeep – I met Jamie Oliver!) and will do over this weekend but thankfully things will begin to slow down soon.  In the meantime, an easy soup was very welcome 😉

This “Celery-Celery” soup is a simple soup which I appreciated used up the bits and pieces of celery in my crisper drawer (does anyone else always have two or three stalks hanging around in their fridge?!) as well as celeriac (which I love) and apples (t’is the season, right?). I forgot that Dorie prefers a thinner soup and added the entire amount of liquid she called for so this one was a bit too thin to be a comforting Autumn soup but would work well as an elegant starter. The earthy celeriac works beautifully with the sweet apples.  I might thicken my leftovers up a little with extra celeriac or even a potato or two but next time I would add the liquid with caution and decide after I’ve puréed the soup if I needed to add more. But overall, this recipe is a keeper. A wonderful addition to any Autumn dinner party menu.

Get the recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Celery Celery Soup on page 65 of Around my French Table or online here.

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17 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie: Celery Celery Soup”

  1. Is it bad that I’m always happy for an easy recipe? This was a winner…unless you’re Bill! It’s been a terrific 4 years with you, Mardi!

  2. My root was starchier, so the 6 cups of broth worked out fine. You did have an exciting week! I loved seeing your Jamie Oliver pictures in Instagram.

  3. My soup was a little too thick but in the end I added some broth. It was very delicious and an
    excellent way to “clean” up bits and pieces in the frig. Happy Anniversary, it has been a
    wonderful and interesting four years. I hope we will all continue this lovely journey.

  4. Your soup looks fabulous! This was such a simple and delicious recipe. Totally enjoyable on these cool fall days!
    Happy Anniversary, Mardi!

  5. I loved this soup too. I remembered to use less stock. And I also used a few pale leafy stalks of celery languishing in the crisper plus a fresh crisp green one. What a fabulous week you’ve had!

  6. Glad that your baking demos went well (as if there was any doubt). I hope you will share with all of us your time with Jamie Oliver. He has always been a favorite of mine as well as very inspirational. His Ted talk is something I still listen to every so often. Melissa, my daughter, loves that guy. Your soup looks delicious although I also like a thick soup. You are an All-Star for cooking every single recipe choice the past four years.

  7. You’ve had a wonderful, exciting week! That’s terrific. I thought this was quite good too (just now getting mine posted), I have learned to love celery root (thanks Dorie), so this was fun. Just seeing Mary’s comment, I’m totally amazed that you’ve been able to complete all of the recipes for 4 years – you’ll lead us into the home stretch!!

  8. I always start with 4 cups of liquid with Dorie’s soups she seems to like thin soup. So glad things went well at the show and Jamie Oliver how cool! Don’t forget your Paris recommendation for my trip. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

  9. Mardi, lovely presentation of the Celery-Celery Soup – it was indeed perfect as an elegant appetizer.
    Have a nice Sunday,

  10. Yes, I always seem to have leftover celery in my crisper. It’s a mystery.

    Happy to hear that all of your events went well, and how fun to meet Jamie Oliver.

  11. Here’s to four years of cooking together! So nice that you got to meet Jamie Oliver! You’ve had a great month for cooking adventures.

    I tend to buy only as much celery as I’m going to use – I find it doesn’t keep well in our fridge, for some reason. So, I occasionally find myself running the two blocks to the food co-op, if I haven’t calculated correctly.

  12. The soup looks great, but I love the color of that bowl 🙂
    So happy for you that you were able to meet Mr. Oliver. I just picked up a copy of his newest book – it’s the first book of his that I have bought, and I must say that I am really enjoying it so far.


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