Les Petits Chefs make Jamie Oliver’s mince and onion pies with cream cheese pastry

Mini mince and onion meat pies on eatlivetravelwrite.comYou might remember late last year Les Petits Chefs made Mexican Caesar Salads from the “Save with Jamie” book – and it was a huge hit, like all of the recipes I have made from the book so far. Well for this week’s session I wanted to make something the boys all know and love but would probably never think of making from scratch – meat pies (hey, it IS Australia Day on Sunday and whilst these is not traditional Aussie meat pie filling, the fact that I made them “party pie” size made me nostalgic for my Australian childhood when party pies and sausage rolls were a staple at any kid’s birthday party!).

So, “pies from scratch including the pastry with a group of boys under 12”? Sounds intimidating, right? Well actually, no. No, really, it’s not! You see the pastry is just flour…

Kids measuring flour scoop and sweep on eatlivetravelwrite.comcream cheese and butter… The cream cheese makes the pastry so lovely and flaky.

Kids chopping cream cheese for Jamie Oliver's cream cheese pastry on eatlivetravelwrite.comThen you cook up some mince…

Kids cooking mince for Jamie Oliver's mince and onion pie on eatlivetravelwrite.comand add some onions (and a few other herbs and spices)…

Kids chopping onions on eatlivetravelwritecomAnd you’ve basically got your filling and your pastry done. Boom. I’ll note that the pastry does better after a little rest in the fridge (the pastry that was leftover spent 2 hours in my fridge before I used it and it was most definitely flakier) but you can certainly use it straight away as the boys did on Monday…

It’s a LOVELY pastry to work with once it’s come together. I had to add some water that is not in the recipe to help the dough come together but am proud that the boys helped me decide what the problem was (too dry and crumbly, would never come together) and how to fix it (although they wanted more cream cheese initially, they ended up deciding that water would be a better way to help the pastry come together). But check out how “rollable” is is (not my words):

Kids making pastry on eatlivetravelwrite.comKids making pastry cases on eatlivetravelwrite.com(ok, we need to work on making better use of ALL the pastry but still…)

Kids measuring pastry cases for meat pies on eatlivetravelwrite.comKids making Jamie Oliver's mince and onion pies on eatlivetravelwrite.com(and yes, we used cupcake pans for some of the boys’ pies. Whatever works, right?)

Since these were SO minified, they only needed about 15 minutes in the oven before they were golden and gorgeous:

Jamie Oliver's mini meat and onion meat pies on eatlivetravelwrite.comAren’t they fab?

SO proud of the boys. I mean, boys – making pastry! I encouraged them to make this at home for their parents and we discussed other options for fillings etc… They were fairly creative!  In any case, what I found amusing was when we were cleaning up, I was kind of thinking aloud and said “Wow, guys, we made pies from scratch!” expecting them to react with as much excitement as I felt. Noone said anything – they just kind of looked at me for a bit as if to say “Yes, and your point is?” and then one boy gave a half-hearted whoop. Not that they were not excited to be making pie but I guess for them, they wouldn’t probably have any idea that “making pie, including pastry, from scratch in under an hour” might be a challenge for many. Not for these guys. LOVE that about cooking with kids.

Get the recipe for Jamie Oliver’s mince and onion pie with cream cheese pastry here.




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13 thoughts on “Les Petits Chefs make Jamie Oliver’s mince and onion pies with cream cheese pastry”

  1. LPC come through for Mr. Neil’s lunch again!

    A tasty treat, which once again garnered envious looks in the canteen from those who just did the fast-food run.

    So quick and simple…and I’m sur ethe boys could have heaps of fun experimenting with different filling spices (clove and allspice for a hearty winter version; add some kidney MMMM, spicy peppers,…)

  2. Bravo to the boys! The pies look very tasty. I’ve never made a pastry with just flour, cream cheese and butter before. You’ve certainly got me interested in trying it sometime.

  3. I think it is so great for kids to try foods from different cultures. It is so great to experience the world through food.

  4. Meat pies – they’ve entered the Aussie lexicon as in “as Australian as meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars”. (Holden, for the uninitiated is the Australian arm of GM).
    Well done LPCs – Mlle Michels underestimated your capabilities in the hour available.

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  6. Such a sweet post, Mardi and how funny that they found it so easy and no fuss! I think adults tend to make a bigger deal out of making pastry from scratch than kids any day! I’ll definitely try this with my kids at home and great to know you can make pastry with cream cheese, too.


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