Homemade frog cake on eatlivetravelwrite.com

Frog Cakes (Happy Australia Day!)

Happy Australia Day! I know it’s nearly over back in Australia but it’s just starting here and what better way to celebrate than with a classic childhood treat – homemade frog cakes! Say what…? No, no, no, don’t worry – these don’t have anything to do with frogs, except a slight resemblance and, well, they … Read more

Adelaide institutions #3 – Haigh’s chocolates

Aaah – Haigh’s Chocolates. The name evokes thoughts of silky smooth chocolates in the shape of frogs: and chocolate teddies: On a trip to the factory store today, I also spotted these: Haigh’s is truly an Adelaide institution, established in 1915. You can read about their history here. My all-time favourite chocolates from Haigh’s would … Read more

Adelaide institutions #2 – Menz

Mmmmm – Menz Confectionery! The mere mention brings back happy memories of mouths filled with delicious treats from my childhood… Treats such as Apricot Delight: Milk bottles: Witchetie grubs: (ok, confession here, I never ate these “grub shaped white and yellow confection” but couldn’t resist the picture!). Candy bananas: (yes cos they look very natural… … Read more