Adelaide institutions #2 – Menz

Mmmmm – Menz Confectionery! The mere mention brings back happy memories of mouths filled with delicious treats from my childhood…

Treats such as Apricot Delight:

Milk bottles:

Witchetie grubs:

(ok, confession here, I never ate these “grub shaped white and yellow confection” but couldn’t resist the picture!).

Candy bananas:

(yes cos they look very natural… not!)

and my all time favourite – FruChocs (seen below in the new dark chocolate version):

In 2005, National Trust South Australia recognised these treats as being a BankSA Heritage Icon!!!

We visited the factory store today and I think we kept staffer Darren entertained the whole time we were there with our squeals of delight at the excitement that a factory candy store induces…

I think you could say that we were truly in a “FruChoc Frenzy”!!!

Actually it was the “giant” FruChocs that produced the most laughter:

They’re HUUUUUUUGE! (and yes Neil, there is a bag on its way home…).

Here I am with my loot bag:

A VERY happy camper!!!

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