French Food for Everyone: le dîner (dinner)

French Food for Everyone: le dîner cover.

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Happiest of French Fridays to ME! Surprise! I wrote another book!

French Food for Everyone: le dîner has quietly launched this week and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!

French Food for Everyone is a follow up to the best-selling In the French kitchen with kids and was inspired by the students in my online cooking classes in 2020 and 2021, when cooking classes pivoted to online platforms. My first book proved that French food is much simpler to make than many people believe (so easy even kids can make “fancy” French dishes!), and over the course of a year’s worth of online classes I noticed that it was not just kids but whole families enjoying great success with my recipes.

After a few months, one of my students remarked on the “recipe book” they had created from the online class recipes and I realised I had enough recipes for a whole new cookbook – and French Food for Everyone was born! I am self-publishing this book and it will be released a chapter at a time to help you get baking and cooking sooner! I’ve SO enjoyed watching people baking French-style after-school treats from French Food for Everyone: le goûter (after school snacks) which released in September and over the course of this term, I’ve developed the second chapter.

Roast chicken dinner in a pan.This second chapter, showcases twelve recipes to make and enjoy for dinner.  Often, when people hear “French food” they assume the recipe will be too complicated, the ingredients too hard to find, the techniques too fussy for them to attempt at home. In In the French kitchen with kids, I proved otherwise. Children and adults alike all over the world discovered that French food was easy to make at home. That good quality ingredients can be transformed with simple techniques to make delicious dishes. 

Fish in buttery lemon sauce in a small skillet.Ok, but what about le dîner – the main meal of the day – isn’t that going to require some more complex skills? Not necessarily, even though some of them have reputations for being hard to make – (French) Onion Soup, for example. But when you look at the recipes themselves, there’s nothing too complicated for a home cook. Some of the recipes (i.e. the aforementioned soup) do take time – the Daube de Boeuf is one you’ll want to plan for (it’s an “all afternoon to cook” meal but with very little hands on time) but many of these recipes are simple enough to make even on a weeknight. 

Endives au jambon in a baking dish on a white and blue tea towel.These dozen recipes are by no means representative of the breadth of French cuisine; rather these are dishes I have come to love over the years living in and travelling to France. Nostalgic dishes (Bavette à l’échalote), comfort food dishes (Tartiflette) and Bistro favourites (Daube de Boeuf) meet beloved classics like Poulet rôti (roast chicken but with a quick twist).

Each recipe includes a wine pairing suggestion from my in-house wine expert (Mr Neil puts his French Wine Scholar and WSET 3 qualifications to good use here!) and, once again, there are illustrations from the fabulous Lisa Nunamaker and I couldn’t love the whole design of the book (once again by the wonderful LeAnna (of Weller Smith Design) more!

Basque chicken in a red saute pan.Here in the northern hemisphere, we’re heading into winter so it’s a great time to hunker down and learn some new recipes! So hey, won’t you sit down to dinner, French-style, and work your way through this collection of recipes, maybe learning a little kitchen French and French history along the way?

Advance praise for French Food for Everyone: le dîner (dinner):

Every year, dozens of cookbooks that claim to offer you the key to honest real-people French cooking are published. This one is the real McCoy. I knew this as soon as I saw the recipe for endives wrapped up in ham, a dish my mother-in-law in the north of France makes for us everytime we visit. Mardi is both a charming writer and a very honest expert on real-people French cooking, which makes her new book absolutely invaluable.

Alexander Lobrano, author of Hungry for Paris, Hungry for France and My Place at the Table

French family dinner favorites, each with a little twist, each with a bit of advice or two to get things just right.  I will recommend this book series to all of my students – because Mardi, a natural teacher, in walking us through each dish, opens the gate to French cooking, making it accessible and enjoyable.

Lucy Vanel, Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen, France


French Food for Everyone: le dîner cover.



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