French Fridays: French Food for Everyone: le goûter (after-school snacks)

French Food for Everyone le goûter (after schooll snacks) front cover by Mardi Michels

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Happiest of French Fridays to ME!

That’s right – this week, French Food for Everyone quietly launched. Why “quietly” (it’s not like me, I will admit!)? Well, I’m new to self publishing so even though I had the wonderful LeAnna from Weller Smith Design holding my hand the whole way, the process and timeline is a little different than traditional publishing and some things are not in our control (things like when the book will ACTUALLY go live after you upload and submit it) and, as with many things over this past 18 months, I’ve just had to go with the flow and be patient until all the pieces were in place! And, as of today, enough of them are ready to share with the world! (eeek!).

What is “French Food for Everyone” ?

It’s a collection of easy French recipes to make French food accessible to, well, everyone! I’ve been so inspired by the families cooking together in my online classes over the past 18 months that my hope is to see even more families in the kitchen, making delicious memories together. If the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s the value of slowing down and so many people told me that they loved making a meal with their whole family and sitting down together to enjoy it without all the pressure of extra-curricular or other activities we are typically occupied with in normal times. Let’s keep some of that quality family time sacred as we move back into a more normal life…

The book will be released a chapter at a time to enable people to get baking and cooking sooner!

This first chapter showcases twelve recipes to make and enjoy for that special snack time between the end of school and dinner time in France. Le goûter, as it is known in French, consists of mostly sweet treats, traditionally enjoyed at home but, more and more, en route to extra-curricular activities. Goûter means “to taste” and while some might raise eyebrows at the fact that these snacks are all sweet, they really are meant to be enjoyed in smaller portions (hence the “taste”) and as a way of warding off hunger until the (later than in many countries) dinner hour.

Le goûter (or “quatre-heures” as it’s often referred to because it’s eaten after 4pm when school lets out) might be something as simple as a bread roll with a couple of squares of dark chocolate inside. Or possibly even a piece of fruit with a yoghurt or pudding. It might also be a treat from the boulangerie or maybe some supermarket-bought cookies. There are many options – but they are always sweet, never savoury. It’s an integral part of the day for French children who, apart from this sacred ritual, are generally discouraged from snacking between meals. These recipes are a collection of some classics – biscuits or cookies, boulangerie treats, cakes, puddings and even a sirop!

So, won’t you do like the French and take some time out of your day around 4pm to sit down and enjoy a little something sweet?

Sneak peek: Inside French Food for Everyone: le goûter

(isn’t that neat?)

Buy a book, do good!

That’s right, through the months of September and October 2021, by purchasing a copy of French Food for Everyone: le goûter, you’ll be helping support the work that Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC) does with those living in low-income communities across the country.

I’ll be donating $1 per copy of the book sold to CFCC for the first two months of its on-sale date to support this important work. Stay tuned for an opportunity to bake from the book with me (virtually) on October as part of a larger CFCC initiative as well!


Buy French Food for Everyone for yourself!

French Food for Everyone le goûter (after schooll snacks) front cover by Mardi Michels



You can find French Food for Everyone on Amazon (this link should bring you to the Amazon store geographically closest to you). You can purchase the book as Kindle book or as a (print-on-demand) paperback!




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