French Food for Everyone le goûter (after schooll snacks) front cover by Mardi Michels

French Fridays: French Food for Everyone: le goûter (after-school snacks)

Buy French Food for Everyone on Amazon (affiliate link) Happiest of French Fridays to ME! That’s right – this week, French Food for Everyone quietly launched. Why “quietly” (it’s not like me, I will admit!)? Well, I’m new to self publishing so even though I had the wonderful LeAnna from Weller Smith Design holding my … Read more

French Food For Everyone by Mardi Michels.

Coming soon: French Food for Everyone!

A small sidebar from Summer Reads this week – though it IS a summer read of sorts! Three years ago this weekend, I released my first book which has been a smashing success – in fourth print currently and there are still SO many people cooking and baking from it! Well guess what? SURPRISE! Today, … Read more

Chouquettes an after school snack in France on

French Fridays: sweet treats

© Shutterstock. Used with permission. Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve posted “French” on Friday and today I have a few sweet things to share that I’ve worked on on over the past little while… Canelés… Version 2.0! Some of you longer-time readers might remember I was on a canelé kick back in … Read more