Cook the Book Fridays: Ricotta Spoonable from Everyday Dorie

Ricotta spoonable from Dorie Greenspan's Everyday DorieThis week’s recipe for Cook the Book Fridays comes from Dorie Greenspan’s latest cookbook, Everyday Dorie and is not so much a “recipe” but some ideas for how to jazz up ricotta which you can then use is a number of different ways.

Dorie says:

Take a peek in my fridge, and you’ll find the usual staples—milk, butter, eggs and yogurt, and my favorite plus-one: “ricotta spoonable.” I started making it years ago and I’ve probably never made it the same way twice. It’s a mix of ricotta, lots of chopped herbs, freshly grated lemon zest, olive oil and plenty of salt and pepper. It’s simple but special. I prepare this year-round, changing the herbs according to what I have at hand, but I make it most often in summer, when I’m apt to fill the table with small plates of good stuff, things that don’t need to be eaten in any order and that lend themselves to mixing and matching.

This has actually been the perfect accompaniment to my lunches over the past couple of weeks – I had ricotta leftover from making gnocchi with my online cooking camp and it wasn’t enough to make more gnocchi so adding in some shallots, lemon zest, garlic, salt, pepper and fresh basil then drizzled with a little olive oil was a great way to use it up. Slathered on fresh bread or toast, it’s the perfect quick lunch.

Many of the recipes in Everyday Dorie  offer lots of different suggestions for ingredient substitutions so they are very flexible and some are more blueprints than recipes to follow. This is perfect for cooking out of the Covid pantry! I’ll remember this one moving forward and maybe purpose buy ricotta to make this – a great sandwich spread but also fab with fresh veggies, salads etc…

Small dish of Ricotta spoonable from Dorie Greenspan's Everyday Dorie

Get the recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Ricotta Spoonable on page 22 of Everyday Dorie or here.

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6 thoughts on “Cook the Book Fridays: Ricotta Spoonable from Everyday Dorie”

  1. Like you, I think this was fun to make, tasty and nice to have on hand. I didn’t know what to expect when I first made this recipe. I made an entire batch – a large amount for a single person in quarantine – but managed to use it creatively in several different ways. All those fresh herbs were a real bonus. Take care, Mardi. Stay safe.

  2. Between the season (perfect for light sandwiches with fresh veggies) and dealing with “COVID pantry- this was indeed the perfect choice. Next time I want to make the ricotta from scratch. love the photos – stay safe.

  3. I don’t buy ricotta in general but find that it’s more useful than I thought. I’ve made ricotta before and it’s a good way to use up the extra milk and cream. Now with Dorie’s “blueprint,” and the plentiful herbs I have on hand, I could see this spoonable showing up more often.

  4. I think your comment was perfect…not so much a recipe, but a way to jazz up the ricotta! I think if we were more ricotta lovers we would have enjoyed this one more but always a good experience to try something new!!


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