French Fridays: Onion Tart from My Paris Kitchen

David Lebovitz onion and anchovy tart from My Paris Kitchen on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis week’s Cook the Book Fridays recipe from David Lebovitz’ My Paris Kitchen is a French classic.  Pissaladière – or onion tart in English – is a thin-crusted pizza-like tart topped with caramelized onions, anchovies and olives that’s typically enjoyed in the South of France.

I’ve made a version of this before for French Fridays with Dorie and, because anchovies are one of my least favourite foods ever, I switched them out and used oven-roasted tomatoes. This time I didn’t use anchovies either because I knew I would be eating most of this on my own (sorry Neil, I know you would have enjoyed anchovies on the couple of pieces you ate!).

Slices of David Lebovitz onion tart from My Paris Kitchen on eatlivetravelwrite.comYou’ll also notice the absence of olives (sorry, David, *I’m* the person not following your recipes properly!). In fact, there are olives there in the form of a fabulous tapenade that we happened to have in the fridge, spread really thinly underneath the onions.

The dough for this came together very easily – I have to laugh now that I am writing this. A few years ago, this would have been a whole day’s project, so scared of the dough I was… In fact, these days, when I am making someone else’s recipes for the blog, I don’t think too much about it beyond actually shopping for the ingredients (well, mostly!). I don’t have time for things to NOT work these days so I just approach everything with the mindset that it will (kind of like my boys’ cooking club, actually – when you only have an hour to work with, there’s no choice – things just need to work, mostly!). Anyway, long story short, this dough worked really well (I halved the recipe) which made me very happy!

I used more onion than the recipe called for because I figure when you are caramelising onions you may as well go big, right? I loved this amount on my tart, it was really lush!  So, while not a typical pissaladière, this was a spectacular weekend lunch served with a fresh green salad.

Up close David Lebovitz onion tart from My Paris Kitchen on eatlivetravelwrite.comGet the recipe for David Lebovitz’s onion tart here or on p 69 of My Paris Kitchen.


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20 thoughts on “French Fridays: Onion Tart from My Paris Kitchen”

  1. Wow that looks amazing! I love the colour of the fresh thyme sprinkled on top. I was surprised at how quick the dough came together as well. The dried tomatoes sound like a great idea!

  2. I thought your Pissaladière was heavy on the caramelized onions but I loved the look and would even like the taste of it even better. A small spread of tapenade works for me also. This looks delicious and your photos bring it to Life. Have been on the AcorHotels site and voted for you. Good luck. Well done.

    • Yes definitely a little heavy on the onions but as I explained, I cut the recipe in half so I didn’t want to *only* caramelize a few onions. Definitely more than the recipe called for but I liked it 🙂 Thanks so much for your vote!

  3. Your onions are the perfect color. Mine were more gold than mahogany. And the tapenade is a great idea. What a delicious tart.
    I voted for your entry. Are we allowed to vote more than once??? Bonne chance!

  4. I love the idea of using oven-roasted tomatoes on this, for a meatless alternative. And I think a spread of olive tapenade sounds great (and even a tiny bit easier to eat).


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