French Fridays with Dorie: Croquants

Dorie Greenspan Croquants on eatlivetravelwrite.comSniff, sniff – it’s one of our last sweet recipes for French Fridays with Dorie. This week’s croquants (p 410) reminded me of some of my earlier attempts at macarons 😉

With just a few ingredients – nuts, egg whites, sugar and a little bit of flour, these were a cinch to make and the mixture went a long way (I halved the recipe and it made around 25, not the 17 it should have!). I was planning on dipping these in chocolate but didn’t quite get around to it. They were a tasty treat with an espresso (they are pretty sweet so just one is enough) through the week but every time I look at them, I can’t help but think “macarons gone wrong” 😉

Around my French Table croquants on eatlivetravelwrite.comGet a recipe similar to Dorie Greenspan’s croquants here or on p 410 of Around my French Table.

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30 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie: Croquants”

  1. “Macarons gone wrong” 🙂
    At least we have the cheesecake tart to look forward too (and lots of fish).
    I did enjoy these though.

    Stay warm!

  2. I probably will never attempt macaroons, once I did a review for a company that sends you the shells and you fill the macaroons with your own “homemade” ganache etc. I liked that… but you are so right they really do look like macaroons gone bad.

  3. Dear Mardi, your croquants look picture perfect – we liked them quite a bit as well and the best part is how easy they are to make. Come to think of it, they would be perfect to make with the kids actually!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. Loved this chewy, crunchy cookie! Sure to be part of my cookie baking repertoire from now on! They are addictive! Yours look perfect!

  5. Hm. I didn’t not have the recipe and only got 22 cookies. Apparently I made them bigger than they were supposed to be. These were easy weren’t they? Your cookies are perfect!

  6. The texture reminded me of macarons a little bit. I really liked them, though I could eat 2 in one sitting. I was thinking of trying them with chocolate chips, but worry the chocolate would melt too much. I like your idea of dipping them in chocolate better.

  7. How amusing the “macaron gone wrong” comment. I sort of thought the same thing, looking at them. 😉

    But a nice tasty treat. Some of us, ahem, did not find one enough.

  8. I am behind schedule and just making the cookies tonight. Question – do you roast the unskinned hazelnuts? As you may guess, I am new to this! Thanks for any feedback you can give.


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