Les Petits Chefs make rough puff pastry and simple apple tartelettes from Pâtisserie Made Simple

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past 4+ years teaching Les Petits Chefs and the Cooking Basics boys to cook, it’s that pastry holds a strange fascination for kids. I often joke that I should bring pastry to my French classes and let the boys roll and shape away since it seems to have an oddly calming effect on them 😉

Kids rolling rough puff pastry on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis week in cooking club, we had a last-minute change of plans so I had to come up with a plan at short notice. I knew that a dessert would be a hit with the boys and even more so if it involved pastry 😉  I chose to work with Edd Kimber‘s “rough puff” pastry from his new book “Pâtisserie Made Simple” (which should be on your Christmas wish list, trust me!)

Rolling out puff pastry dough on eatlivetravelwrite.comI have been following Edd’s blog for years now, even before he won The Great British Bake Off and wrote three books (!) and had the pleasure of meeting him in Paris this past summer. He is as charming as you would expect someone who writes exquisite baking books would be, but so down to earth.  I remember looking at the proofs of this book on his iPad and knowing it was something really special. In real life, the book is utterly gorgeous and full of all of my favourite French desserts. I have bookmarked so many recipes I guess I just need to start working my way through them!

As soon as I saw the recipe for rough puff, I wanted to try it. I’ve worked with Clotilde Dusoulier’s rough puff recipe before (actually made nearly the exact same dessert with the boys back in April!) and was interested to see Edd uses equal parts butter and flour (Clotilde does not) – I wanted to see what the difference would be.

Cutting apples for mini apple tarts on eatlivetravelwrite.comI made a double batch of the pastry earlier in the day and did the requisite rolling and turning so that the pastry would be ready to work with – remember we only have an hour! The boys prepped the pastry rounds and the apples fairly quickly and got to filling their “rustic”-style tarts…

Kids making mini apple tarts on eatlivetravelwrite.com Assembling mini apple tarts on puff pastry on eatlivetravelwrite.comWe brushed the edges with a little egg wash, placed a generous dob of butter on top…

Egg washing rough puff pastry apple tarts on eatlivetravelwrite.comand sprinkled with a little sugar just for some extra caramelization…

Mini apple tarts ready for the oven on eatlivetravelwrite.comWhile the tarts were baking, we got to making a second batch of the puff pastry. I demoed one more batch (which we ended up dividing between the boys and sent home, hopefully destined for something delicious!) and the boys made a second batch as a group…

Kids making rough puff pastry on eatlivetravelwrite.comWith 12 of them rolling and folding, it’s quite possibly a little overworked but I have it in my fridge, waiting for me to have some time to work with it soon! I have a feeling that even though it might not achieve the layers it is supposed to, it will still taste wonderful! I mean, butter, right?

The boys finished tartelettes looked wonderful…

Mini apple tarts from Patisserie Made Simple on eatlivetravelwrite.comAnd since there were enough for all of us, I even got a taste this week. Oh. My. Such buttery goodness. I can definitely tell the difference from the extra butter in this version. It’s SO good! I don’t know many of these made it home, actually, I saw boys sneaking bites all over the playground as they waited to be picked up. And I heard that the After Care boys devoured them in minutes 😉 Sign of a great cooking session, wouldn’t you say?

This pastry is SO easy to make (for sure it’s not the same as a proper laminated dough puff pastry but it is a pretty darned good substitute and so much better than store-bought!), I hope the boys will be encouraged to experiment at home.

Check out the book trailer for Pâtisserie Made Simple here.
Patisserie made Simple by Edd Kimber


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7 thoughts on “Les Petits Chefs make rough puff pastry and simple apple tartelettes from Pâtisserie Made Simple”

  1. There should be a warning before the book trailer. “Do not watch on an empty stomach.” Reading this while having my morning coffee and now I just want a piece of every dessert shown in the video!

    I just read a post earlier this week that had made Clotilde’s puff pastry. I’m really curious now to see what the butter and flour quantities are in Edd Kimber’s.

    LPC’s did a great job, I would have eaten my apple tartlette in the playground too 🙂

  2. Hey Mardi so great to see you baking from the book with the kids, such a pleasure to see it being used! To make the rough as best as you can the butter needs to stay very cold and in decent sized pieces, otherwise it will just get incorporated in the dough and won’t puff up

    • Yup the dough that I made had visible bits of butter in it (had to explain that this is what we were looking for!) and so did the boys’ but once 12 of them had rolled it, not so much 😉 I’ll take one for the team with that batch! They loved looking at your book too!

  3. I’ve probably told you this before, but I love seeing how your little chefs are progressing through so many kitchen skills. They will end up being the ones that keep their friends from starving through university.

  4. Wow, you got to meet Edd! In Australia we are only just now seeing GBBO Season 1 (we have seen the other seasons), and it is fun to watch Edd baking. I could only read about it vicariously in The Guardian when it was actually happening because GBBO was only on pay TV – now on free to air.


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