French Fridays: Roast lamb with braised vegetables, salsa verde and chickpea puffs from My Paris Kitchen

Roasted lamb with braised vegetables from David Lebovitz My Paris Kitchen on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis week’s recipe for Cook the Book Fridays from David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen is a perfect one for this Easter weekend – a roasted lamb shoulder served with braised vegetables and, in theory, salsa verde and chickpea puffs.

This is a pretty hands-off dish actually though a lot of people think “roast dinner” and equate that to a lot of work. You season the lamb (I used boneless shoulder because that was the smallest piece I could find for two of us) with garlic, anchovies (I used anchovy paste), salt and pepper and let it sit for 6 hours to overnight. Then you roast it in a pan with some white wine and water for a couple of hours (we used a meat thermometer to test for doneness since not only was our lamb boneless but it was smaller than the recipe called for). Meanwhile, you braise a selection of vegetables (I used potatoes, carrots, red onion, turnip and leeks – really it’s whatever you have on hand) in some broth until tender. Et voilà – dinner with very little hands on time.

We served this with simple mint sauce – and didn’t miss the salsa verde or chickpea puffs. This was flavourful and a wonderful taste of spring (though our weather can’t seem to decide what it wants to do these days…). And a great reminder of how a roast dinner can be the best kind of slow “fast food”.

Get the recipe for David Lebovitz’s Roast Lamb with Braised Vegetables on page 203 My Paris Kitchen.



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4 thoughts on “French Fridays: Roast lamb with braised vegetables, salsa verde and chickpea puffs from My Paris Kitchen”

  1. I’m sure if I had the lamb shoulder things would have turned out much better. Yours looks fantastic and so inviting with that array of braised vegetables.

  2. I’m a lover of lamb, and we just don’t eat enough of it: so the “slow fast food” moniker is actually a good reminder to do more often.

    Flavourful, if anything I’d add more anchovy.

    I sent Mardi into the cellar to “pick something from the Bordeaux section”, and she popped up with a rather lovely 2014 Haut-Medoc which went beautifully.

    P.S. The “simple” mint sauce is actually from Marks & Sparks…everyone knows to bring me a few jars whenever visiting here (or to our house in France) coming from the UK! 🙂


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