French Fridays: sweet treats

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Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve posted “French” on Friday and today I have a few sweet things to share that I’ve worked on on over the past little while…

Canelés… Version 2.0!

Cannelé Canelé made in silicone molds on eatlivetravelwrite.comSome of you longer-time readers might remember I was on a canelé kick back in 2015… Uh huh, well I got back on the canelé train late last year and played around with my recipe a little and found what I think is THE recipe. And guess what? It works in silicone molds so you don’t have to forfeit a mortgage payment to buy the copper ones!

Get my updated canelé recipe (along with all my original trial and error notes!) here!

Le goûter

Chouquettes an after school snack in France on eatlivetravelwrite.comOne of my favourite chapters in In the French kitchen with kids is “le goûter” (perhaps a little unceremoniously called “After School Snacks” in English…). Consisting of sweet treats only (completely NOT how an after school snack is approached here in North America) this is an unmissable part of every school-aged child’s life in France.

I’ve written about the ritual over on the Vacation in Paris blog – get the full story here!

French comfort foods

Crème caramel from In the French kitchen with kids on© Kyla Zanardi. Used with permission.

Can’t get to France anytime soon? I rounded up some of my favourite French comfort foods that will transport you to France with just one bite (including the crème caramel from In the French kitchen with kids!).

Check out these 18 classic French comfort food dishes over on Food Network Canada!


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