French Fridays: Caramel pork ribs from My Paris Kitchen

David Lebovitz caramel pork ribs image on and sweet this week as I wrap up a photoshoot for the cookbook in Lyon and head home on the weekend to finish the first draft of the manuscript!)

This week’s Cook the Book Fridays recipe from David Lebovitz’ My Paris Kitchen is an easy one-pot ribs recipe. But not just any ribs, you understand. This sauce is made from a sweet caramel that offsets the (very) slight heat in the sauce that comes from ginger, Sriracha and mustard. David suggests the ribs cook for 2 1/2 hours but to be honest, mine were already falling off the bone at 1 1/2 hours when I removed the lid to thicken the sauce. The sauce didn’t really thicken much and I found there was too much of it (the ribs didn’t need any more sauce poured over them to serve as is suggested in the recipe) but the ribs themselves were spectacular.

I’ll definitely make this again but might cut down on the quantity of the sauce slightly as I don’t like to waste all that goodness. This made my house smell amazing AND it was fairly hands-off in terms of prep. Definitely a winner in my books!

Get the recipe for David Lebovitz’s caramel pork ribs here or on p 187 of My Paris Kitchen.


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18 thoughts on “French Fridays: Caramel pork ribs from My Paris Kitchen”

  1. Mardi had the right word: spectacular.

    For my tastes, I’d amp the heat just ever-so-slightly, to bring a little more spice. (Just a little I think would add a touch more depth; I’m not suggesting hot-spicy ribs. That’s another recipe.) And I would actually cook perhaps 15 mins longer. Yes, these were falling off bone…but think that would add even more.

    But that’s just to elevate these wonderful ribs even more.

    Paired with a Shiraz-Cabernet blend from Australia, which was wonderful. For the Canadians out there (and specifically Ontario), these are a perfect match with a quality Baco Noir (Henry of Pelham or Sandbanks reserve offerings come to mind.)

  2. I did not find it that hot, maybe I need to increase the sriracha. I agree, a lot of sauce that I ended up throwing out. I hope the photoshop went well.

  3. I agree with you on the cooking times. Mine were cooked after 1-1/2 hours and as far as I am
    concerned the only thing the extra 1/2 hour did was make an even worse mess in my le crueset.
    Had to soak it overnight to get it clean. However, the ribs were fantastic and we loved them.

  4. Extra sauce is always welcome in my house! We had the ribs with rice as David suggested and the sauce was great with the rice. I would not mind making this again, but will cut down on the sugar as it is a little too sweet for us.

  5. After reading everyones’ posts and comments, maybe my problem was over-cooking those darn ribs. If I’d only stopped at 1 1/2 hours, I think the sauce would have been tastier and the ribs yummier. But, I will never know because I won’t try them again! Mardi, I have seen on Twitter that you are almost at the culmination of putting together your cookbook. I think it’s very exciting and I am very proud of you. BTW, I spent a week in Lyon several years ago attending a 7-day seminar on La Résistance. Of course, I did all of the foodie things also and was quite impressed with the culinary expertise.

  6. Your ribs do look really fabulous in that photo! I didn’t think mine were that spicy, come to think of it, and I could see adding a touch more harissa (or use sriracha instead). That’s great yours didn’t take so long to cook! Mine did take the entire time to get tender enough, and because of that, we had to wait to have them for leftovers. 🙁

  7. Love these ribs and have made them several times. A family fav! The one thing I do to make it a little more spicy is to add a rub to the ribs prior to putting the in the mixture. Very tasty!


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