Cookbook Book Club: #dessertwithButterBakedGoods

The CookbookBookClub Butter Baked Goods on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis month for the Cookbook Book Club, Jan, Jenn and I did something a little different.  In case you are new to the blog, the Cookbook Book Club is my once a month “cooking from the same cookbook” meal with Jan from Family Bites and Jenn from Chocolate Shavings.  We’ve already had dinner with Marcella, dinner with Nigella, dinner with Ottolenghi, dinner with Maria Speck, dinner with Naomi Duguid’s book, Burma. and last month, lunch with Jamie Oliver!  For June’s gathering, we decided to celebrate the end of the school year with a champagne and sweets party, using recipes from Butter Baked Goods.  I’ve made their marshmallows before with great success so I was excited to bake from the book again. We each chose a chapter to work from.

Jan chose pies…

Sour cream rhubarb pie from Butter Baked Goods on eatlivetravelwrite.comHere’s the sour cream rhubarb pie (with a few strawberries in there for good measure!).  None of us had ever had a pie quite like this before (the filling is very “loose” so when you cut into it, it doesn’t really hold together that well) but we all agreed that certainly the filling was something we’d make again – it would be actually very nice on its own, sans pie crust 😉  The pie crust was tasty but we all agreed that it could have used a quick blind bake, to help it stand up to the filling a little better. But what a great idea re the filling- and one that would work with all sorts of summer fruits!

You can find a similar recipe for a Rhubarb Sour Cream Pie here.

Jenn chose the muffins chapter…

Berry Crumble Muffins from Butter Baked Goods on eatlivetravelwrite.comShe made mixed berry crumble top muffins.  I liked these a lot because 1. they are regular size muffins, not the gigantic ones you so often get these days. It feels slightly more virtuous eating a smaller muffin 😉 I do have to say these were more like cupcakes that muffins – sweet and cakey. Not that there’s a problem with that 😉 but if I am making muffins, I will try my very best to get a bunch of “healthier” ingredients in there – Greek yoghurt, fruit purée, granola, wheatgerm, flax seeds etc… I always figure that way I can have my cake for breakfast too! These were more like dessert but I guess many people eat muffins for dessert too! They would be perfect for an afternoon tea, actually. Loved the crumble top (and actually would like more of that!).

You can find the recipe for the Mixed Berry Crumble Top Muffins here.

I chose the classic Nanaimo Bars (I’d never made them before!).

Nanaimo Bars from Butter Baked Goods on eatlivetravelwrite.comI think I did pretty well, no?

I’ll let you know that the first edition of the book has a mistake in this recipe that has subsequently been corrected in the second printing. It calls for you to add the chocolate chips (which are for the ganache topping) to the graham crumb mix for the base. I actually did this (don’t ask – I read the recipe so many times and kept convincing myself that there was a second quantity of chocolate chips listed for the topping) and ended up having to pick out all the chocolate chips from the dry ingredients for the base (I only had *this much* time and no more graham crumbs). I contacted the Bakery who told me, yes, they were aware of this and that it was fixed in the second printing (yay for there being a second print run of the book!). In any case, they came out superbly though it made many more than the 16 the recipe called for (they are pretty rich and sweet so I cut them smaller). Enjoyed by Jenn, Jan and I, Neil and a bunch of our neighbours!

So this month’s Club was quite the indulgent spread…

CookbookBookClub Butter Baked Goods on eatlivetravelwrite.comStay tuned for July’s edition of the Cookbook Book Club as we Skype together for our meal (I’m in France)! The theme? French food, bien sûr!

Butter Baked Goods the Cookbook


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12 thoughts on “Cookbook Book Club: #dessertwithButterBakedGoods”

  1. A cookbook club! What a fun way to connect with friends! I’m actually starting a mini cookbook club with a friend in France — we won’t get to taste each other’s food. But I think we’ll still have fun swapping notes! 🙂

  2. Oh, I wish I could see you in France again!!!

    The desserts all look wonderful although errors or things that don’t quite come out make me hesitate to use a cookbook again. But I do love your idea of cooking, baking and eating together!

  3. These were fantastic Nanaimo bars – not cloyingly sweet, as is often the case. Just need to remove the off-putting walnuts, and they’d be perfect. 😉


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