French Fridays with Dorie: Quiche Maraîchère

Quiche for French Fridays with Dorie on Around my French Table on eatlivetravelwrite.comFor some reason, when I was planning this week’s French Fridays with Dorie dish (Quiche Maraîchère, p 158), I wrote “bacon” on my shopping list. Because if you look at the photo in the book, it kinda looks like there is bacon in this quiche.  When you actually read the recipe, however (you know, that small matter of reading the recipe… ahem, that definitely comes in handy when you’re planning your shopping list!), you’ll see that it’s a simple vegetarian quiche, filled to the brim with celery, leeks, carrots and red pepper. No bacon. And no, I didn’t add any, even though I was very tempted… And even though bacon would be very good… Next time.

This quiche, even the pastry, is pretty simple to make but one important note.  Firstly – when Dorie says to chill the pastry then roll it out then chill it again in the tin, you should do that.  I was in a rush and skipped the step where the pastry chills in the tin. As a result, my pastry shrunk when I blind baked it, creating the “thinnest quiche ever” according to Mr Neil. I was concerned that on top of the “thinness” of the quiche he might notice that it didn’t contain any meat at all (as I am sure he spotted the bacon and thought it was going into the quiche too!) but I am happy to report that it was “really good” even without the bacon 😉  There’s not much custard in this one (and the cheese is added to the top right at the end of its baking time) which contributes to the thinness factor but I really like how packed with vegetables it was.

Yup, we really enjoyed this and, like many of Dorie’s recipes, it’s one I’m filing away for future reference.  The filling could really be any combination of vegetables and it’s the ideal recipient for the odds and ends of veggies that need to be used in your fridge. Another winner!

You can find the recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s quiche maraîchère here.

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22 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie: Quiche Maraîchère”

  1. Well now here’s the thing: Mr. Neil & Cleo Cat know we get to share about ten rashers of bacon tomorrow for breakfast…so all is good. 🙂

    I actually really LIKED that this was a “thin” quiche. In fact, it’s one of the best I recall having in quite some time. Didn’t have that sometimes squishy feel of a deeper quiche. I also did not even remotely miss the bacon. Would be a nice addition; but not needed. And to reduce some meat intake isn’t such a bad thing.

    So maybe do this “incorrectly” always in future? 😉

  2. Uh I went ahead and put in the bacon (pancetta). It was delicious. 😉 glad you enjoyed. I am going to have to try this the correct way now.

  3. Mr. Neil hit the nail on the head, as we used to say in Iowa. Thick quiches taste squishy. Exactly. That’s why I liked this thinner, less heavy, veggie version, I think. I’m not so big on bacon as others and I really didn’t miss the meat. Just enjoyed it. I, of course, didn’t venture from the filling recipe. There’s nothing too creative about me in that arena. Another winner, for most of us, I think.

  4. This would have been so great with bacon! Well, I started my quiche and didn’t realize I didn’t have enough eggs for the filling until I put the pastry into the fridge to chill…duh! Needless to say, my pastry was well-chilled by the time I rolled it out. This is a wonderful dish that it sounds like we all loved.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. This one was well received in my house too! We both loved it! I did add a can of crabmeat….because it was there! Yours looks perfectly delicious!

  6. Oh yes, bacon would have been great but even without it is very good. Mine was also very thin and now that you mention it it’s because I did not chill it for more than half hour in total! Oh well we liked it either way! Have a great weekend Mardi!

  7. I’m pretty impressed by how well our group followed directions this week. Sounds like all of us were tempted to add something to amp it up a bit, but for the most part we left it alone and got to be surprised at how good it was, even without the bacon or sausage or whatnot.

  8. Mardi, what a nice and colorful quiche you made – I was tempted to add bacon as well but then I opted for changing the veg instead – I guess, Rose will not be impressed…no matter, we loved the recipe with seasonal veg.
    Have a nice weekend!

  9. Yes, this is perfect for the odds and ends in the vegetable bin. I loved how colorful it was. I’m still trying to figure out why you didn’t just add the bacon. I know it was perfectly delicious without, but you had it. Have a great weekend.

  10. Bacon is always a good addition, but this quiche really didn’t need it, did it? I loved the vegetable to custard ratio in this, too. A nice variation on the traditional quiche.


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