Let’s get kids excited about food: Food Revolution Day 2014

Home-Page-Banner-R2-20141The third annual Food Revolution Day will be held on Friday May 16 2014 and this year the focus will be a theme close to my heart –  inspiring kids all over the world to get excited about food and cooking from scratch. With over 40 million children worldwide now overweight or obese by the age of five (WHO figures, March 2013), Jamie Oliver says it is the duty of governments, businesses, schools and parents (so, everyone!) to work together to help reverse this preventable situation, adding that:

“Getting kids cooking from as early as possible helps them to develop an essential life skill which will have a huge impact on their future health and well-being.”

How can YOU get involved in Food Revolution Day 2014 and help get kids excited about food?

Ideas for parents and their kids
•    Download a Food Revolution Day recipe and cook from scratch at home
•    Try a new ingredient, just one. Who knows – maybe you’ll find you like it after all!
•    Download one of the activity challenges for your kids, maybe invite some of their friends over and have a Food Revolution party!
•    Help kids plant fruit and vegetable seeds and watch them grow over the summer!

Ideas for Schools and Teachers
•    Download the official schools activity pack for ideas!
•    Bring in different fruits and vegetables and get students to try them
•    Tell the whole school community about your plans and get them involved too
•    Encourage parents to download a Food Revolution Day recipe and cook it at home with their kids
•    Download the What’s in season activity and arrange a tour of a local farmers’ market
•    Encourage students to choose healthier options in the school canteen –  i.e. replace chips with salad for the day!

Ideas for workplaces
•    Instead of buying your lunch, get your workmates to bring in their favourite sandwich fillers and create a sandwich bar of healthy options and let everyone make their own
•    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – bring a blender into work and get everyone involved in making their own smoothies. What’s more fun than a smoothie bar?
•    Download a Food Revolution Day recipe and cook a meal for colleagues 0r better yet, have a Food Revolution pot luck!
•    Organise a bake sale and encourage workmates to bring in their homemade sweet treats, too
•    Teach your colleagues to make tasty, nutritious meals from scratch
•    Get in touch with a Food Revolution Day Ambassador and volunteer at a local event

Sign up to participate and be counted in Food Revolution Day 2014 here!

Hey Toronto – a free parent-child cooking class to get kids excited about food!

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Nella Cucina, Harper Collins Canada and Sobeys this year to offer a free parent-child cooking class to celebrate Food Revolution Day 2014.

Nella Cucina logo_originalIn the class, each parent-child team will create some simple, from-scratch “real food” Jamie Oliver recipes and when we’re done cooking, we’ll sit down to enjoy the meal together.


Wondering how it will all work? Read about my 2012 Food Revolution Day cooking class and her 2013 Food Revolution Day cooking class.

To register, please email mardi@eatlivetravelwrite.com

This class is brought to you thanks to the generosity of Nella Cucina, Sobeys and Harper Collins Canada. Each parent-child team will receive a copy of Save with Jamie and a Sobeys’ goodie bag!

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